Top 3 Android Scanner Apps for Scanning Receipts, Docs

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Need to keep a log of your receipts on the go? Convert important documents from paper to virtual storage? Or even capture a whiteboard, save a signature, or upload handwritten notes? Keeping track of all those papers can be stressful and time consuming. Fortunately, with a simple app on your mobile device, you can scan, save, and share these documents at your convenience.

Here’s a list of the top 3 document scanner apps for your Android.

1. CamScanner

The free version of CamScanner, an all-around impressive document scanning app, includes image editing, sharing, an optional OCR package (Optical Character Recognition), and PDF conversion.

However, what’s exceptional about this app is its superior image reformatting. It will automatically detect the edges of a document, and then allow you to make any adjustments if necessary.

Next it crops and resizes the selected dimensions into a flat, rectangular image, while keeping any compromise of text integrity to a minimum.

Camscanner Crop Tool
Camscanner Final Result

The image editor then allows you to add filters, watermarks, annotations, and adjust brightness and contrast in order to achieve the best picture.

Camscanner Adjust Image
Camscanner Screenshot 2014 04 07 14 03 25

Share your scanned image via email or social media, upload it to cloud storage (i.e. Google Drive, Skydrive, Dropbox), print, fax, or save the document to your Gallery.

Optical Character Recognition will identify the text in an image (even handwritten text), allowing the identified words to be searched in the future. If you’d like to use this feature, CamScanner’s optional OCR package is free to download and simple to implement.

Camscanner Ocr Message
Camscanner Ocr

An upgrade is available for $4.99, however I highly recommend trying out the free version before making any purchases.

2. PDF Document Scanner

While PDF Document Scanner doesn’t grab corners and re-angle the document like CamScanner, the image customization is finer tuned. This way, the picture can be better adjusted to emphasize the text, which allows for some of the PDF Document Scanner results to be more visually appealing.

As expected, the scans are saved in PDF form. In order to share your documents, the app opens up your device’s default PDF reader.

Pdfdocscan Ui
Pdfdocscan Before
Pdfdocscan Screenshot 2
Pdfdocscan Screenshot 3

Something to keep an eye on is the experimental OCR convert-to-text option of this app. As of now it results in pseudo-successful transfers of scanned images into text files – it would be great to see this feature developed further.

3. Evernote

Many of you may use Evernote as a shared notebook or for syncing your notes across multiple devices. However what you may not know is that the Evernote app on Android also comes with an excellent document scanner.

Along with OCR and sharing options, the Evernote Document Camera automatically saves and syncs your scans across your Evernote account. This particularly useful when you have multiple devices.

Evernote Screenshot 2014 04 09 16 06 59
Evernote Screenshot 2014 04 09 16 07 11

But what makes Evernote’s Document Camera even better is its automatic image adjustment. Evernote consistently makes text extremely clean and readable. This way, you don’t have to bother fumbling to adjust dozens of petty settings – it’s already done for you.


Cool Tip: Did you know Google Drive‘s Android app comes with a built-in document scanner as well. While it doesn’t feature as much customization as the aforementioned apps, it does recognize document corners for angled cropping, allow for easy sharing, and include OCR. Plus, it automatically uploads your scans to Google Drive in PDF form.

Find one of these apps particularly useful? Have a preferred app of your own? Share in the comments below!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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