How to Download APK File Using Chrome or Other Browser

In the past, we have seen some ways to download APK files to your device that are not directly available to you from the Play Store. The app might be a country-restricted one or your device might not be in the support lists. For example, if your device is not Tegra powered, but you are certain that after some patches you will be able to play the games that are only supposed to run on Tegra, there should be a way to install manually.

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We have seen a Windows application that downloads the APK file to the computer, but the process was not user-friendly. Users had also complained about the difficulty they faced in finding the app. So today we are going to discuss two amazing ways in which you can download the install-file of your favorite app right from your browser.

Download APK files using Chrome Extension

To get started, download and install the APK downloader extension from the Chrome Web Store. After you have installed the extension, every time you open an app page on Play Store you will see a green droid button in the Omnibar. You can directly click on the icon to start the download of the APK file. However, the first time you download anything, you will need to configure the app and link it to your Google Account.

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When you click on the extension, it will directly open the configuration page. Provide your Google account information you use on the Play Store along with your device GSF ID KEY. You can use the Android Device ID app to get that value for your device.

In the configuration you can also select the network operator you would like in order to download country-specific apps. It downloads it directly from the Google servers and thus you will always get the latest versions. Currently there’s no way one can download paid apps, even if it was purchased in the past.

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Download APK file Without Google Account and Chrome

In the other method, you can download the installer files directly from Evozi and hence the trick can be performed on any of the browsers installed on your computer. Using this trick one can directly download the APK file from that site without even providing the Google account details. The process makes it a lot more easier to download the apps that are restricted for your account. All you need to do is provide the Play Store link of the app and click on the Generate button.

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However the service is only limited to 1400 new APK files per day and the quota normally runs out quickly.

You can also secure your downloads by adding the https prefix to the download links.


So these were the two ways  to download the APK files directly to your computer and you don’t have to rely on a friend anymore to repack an APK and transfer to your device over Bluetooth. Also, if you have any doubts regarding an APK file and how you can install it on your device, don’t forget to check out our guide on Android package files.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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