2 Great iPhone Apps To Help You Write Faster and Better

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If you use your computer to get writing done often then you have definitely experienced different kinds of problems that arise whenever you write for too long. For example, sometimes you might get stuck in a sentence or you could be wasting tons of time performing the same actions on your Mac or PC when you shouldn’t take more than a fraction of a second to do them.

Considering these issues, here are a couple of great iPhone apps that have helped me with both.

Let’s check them out.

Writing Aid

As its name implies, this cool little app comes in really handy when you are, quite literally, at a loss for words. The basic idea behind Writing Aid ($0.99) is to work as a dictionary app. However, its implementation makes it much more than that, while at the same time remaining just as simple.

The moment you open it, the app is ready for you to type any word. When you do, it shows its definition (or list of definitions) of the term in a very clear and concise way.

Writing Aid Simple Definition1

That’s where all the similarities with a dictionary app stop though.

As you can see in the screenshots below, besides offering you the definition of the searched word, Writing Aid also shows you a horizontal list of synonyms at the top. Of course, you can freely scroll through this list and pick any term you want to get its definition.

Writing Aid Definition List
Writing Aid Definition Definition

That’s not all. Another really cool feature of Writing Aid that takes it beyond a mere dictionary app is its ability to also search for meanings instead of just word definitions. For example, if you completely forget about a word but remember its meaning, you can write a search query such as ‘waiting in line’ and the app will present you with all the words that enclose that meaning.

Writing Aid Meaning
Writing Aid Meaning Explained

It is a really neat and little touch that adds a ton of usefulness to Writing Aid.


As its name states, Keyboard is an app with a very simple purpose: To serve as a guide for Mac and Windows users to learn every important keyboard shortcut out there and to help them master these shortcuts.

Here’s an example of how knowing the right keyboard shortcut can save you a lot of time when you write: Let’s say you have several applications open on your Mac, all of them on top of your word processor. Instead of having to click on each of the windows for each app to minimize them, knowing the right shortcut can get you to your word processor in a second (in this case, you could choose to either hide those other apps using Command + H or to easily scroll through the open apps until you find your word processor using Command + Tab).

Keyboard App Platform

Knowing shortcuts like the ones mentioned above is made really easy with Keyboard. Using the app, you can choose to simply search for an app quickly or to delve deeper into the platform you own and learn them via the app’s intelligent flashcard system, which emphasizes shortcuts you are not familiar with.

Keyboard App Flashcard
Keyboard App Flashcard Revealed

All in all, these two apps alone can really help you concentrate on your writing without worrying about getting stuck or wasting time, and if you’ve been writing for a while, then you know solving these two issues is just priceless.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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