3 Websites For Kids to Create Slideshows and Learn

Kids Learning Slideshows

While the most popular tools for creating slideshows, like



Apple’s Keynote

are great thanks to their rich feature-set, one thing that they are missing is an option to make them more accessible to the youngest ones looking to learn how to create slideshows.

Considering this, here’s a list of three different websites that let you create slideshows online but that have the unique treat of being very accessible for children, letting them create slideshows quite simply, while even learning in the process.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Little Bird Tales

If what you are looking for is a site that is great for interactive learning with slideshows, then Little Bird Tales is for you.

Little Bird Tales Main

This website provides quite a few interesting options to create your own slideshows that, while accessible to just about anyone, makes it really great especially for kids. For starters, as its name implies, Little Bird Tales encourages users to create ‘tales’ with their slideshows, which can be later shared on their website for anyone else to learn. So, for example, you can use the site to create a slideshow or you can also browse for among the several available ‘tales’ already there to have some fun.

Little Bird Tales Tale 1

The great thing about Little Bird Tales though, is that since most of the slideshows/tales are created by kids, they provide an excellent opportunity for other kids to learn in their own ‘language’. And the fact that Little Bird Tales lets kids also paint/draw artwork on the slides besides uploading images makes it even a better site for kids to learn.

Little Bird Tales Drawing

Important: It’s also worth mentioning that Little Bird Tales offers various lesson templates divided by different grades and that even come in up to four languages.

2. Bookr

Of the different sites that we list in this entry, the most accessible one without any doubt is Bookr. This slideshow creation website, while definitely lacking in features, comes with a great couple of benefits.

Bookr Main

On one hand, the sites makes it really easy to learn English for those who are just taking their first steps into this language. This is because of the simple format that the slides use, which prioritize displaying a large image with a simple comment. This makes it ideal not just for language learning, but for teaching any kind of simple subject really.

Bookr Slide Title
Bookr Slides

The other neat feature that Bookr offers is its integration with Flickr, which saves you a lot of time trying to find the right image for your slides thanks to its “tagging” feature, which lets you search for images for your slides on Flickr by tags.

Bookr Slideshow Panel View

3. Animoto

Compared to the two options mentioned above, Animoto definitely comes as more feature-rich. However, it still remains simple enough as to make it the best site for kids to transition into more advanced slideshow creation process.

Animoto Main

When creating slideshows, Animoto provides kids with a more advanced interface, letting them choose from among varied template styles. Once pictures (along with their own titles and captions) have been added to the slides, slideshows can be turned also into video form, which provides an even greater sense of accomplishment for kids.

Animoto Templates

Cool Tip: Animoto also provides an iPhone app for you to create your own photo or video slideshows on the go.

Animoto I Phone

And that would be it for now. If you have a kid or want to help one learn something, these slideshow creation sites will definitely come in handy. Each of them is tailored to a specific age-range, and transitioning between them should be easy enough. So go ahead and give them a try.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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