Join MP3 Files Using MakeItOneMP3

There could be many reasons why you would want to join mp3 files. Like, you might want to listen the same songs in the same order over and again, or, there are different sections of a long podcast/interview you want to join.

MakeItOneMP3 is a free and efficient tool that can easily join several mp3 files and create a single file out of them. You could join mp3 tracks, podcast files etc using this tool. And later if you want to split the joined files, you could do that easily too.

After installing it, open the tool and you will see “Add File” and “Add Folder” button. You can add files or folders both with the help of them. For example I clicked on “Add file” button.


Now you have to select files from anywhere on your computer. Here in the example I selected two files, i.e. Kites01 and Kites 02.


You can see these two songs in the interface (in the screenshot given below). You could also drag and drop files to the interface.

You can easily edit the tags associated with the song by filling the fields such as artist name, album name, album prefix, album suffix etc. Select the folder where you want to save your file by clicking on “destination folder” button.

Click “Go” to join the files. It will take a few seconds to join depending upon size of the files.


How to split joined MP3 files

You can reverse the above mentioned process by unpacking the MP3 files.

Go to the tab “Unpack Album” at the top. Click on “Open album” to select the joined file.


Browse the folder and select the file which has created by MakeItOneMP3 in previous steps.


After you select the joined file, it shows all the mp3 files consisting inside it. For example here I selected a file “Hrithik Kites” which is the combination of “Kites 01” and “Kites 02” because I joined them in previous steps.

Click on  “Go” to unpack the files.


That’s how you join and split mp3 files using this tool.

Download MakeItOneMP3 to join mp3 files.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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