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Mind maps are a great platform for exploring new topics, organizing your web of thoughts into a visually appealing layout, and sharing ideas.

Whether you’d like to group brainstorm about a creative story or define a plan of action for a project, these top three mind mapping web apps are simple to navigate and free to use. Find out which of these tools is the most useful for you.

1. MindMeister is the most well-rounded mind mapping web app with an option to use it for free. As a web app, there are no downloads necessary – you only need to have an internet connection, open your web browser, and sign up.



  • Free Basic account allows for up to 3 private maps at time
  • Maps can be saved and imported for future use
  • Export to a variety of formats, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, or GIF
  • Print from application
  • Easily invite others to work with you
  • View editing history to keep track who made edits and when
  • Create a slideshow
  • Add icons, comments, links, images
  • Complex layout, color, and customization options


  • The toolbar is a bit complicated, given it does support a wide variety of features
  • The original bubble cannot be moved from the map’s center

Upgraded MindMeister subscriptions range from $5.99 – $14.99 per month.


2. Bubbl

The simplicity of is its charm. While its free version doesn’t have fancy attachment or slideshow options, it does feature a colorful palette and extremely customizable placing for thought bubbles. With its intuitive handling and focus on text, Bubbl might be just the distraction-free type of mind mapping you’ve been looking for.



  • Free version allows 3 maps at a time
  • Export to JPEG, PNG, or Web Outline
  • Print from application
  • Easily select and format multiple bubbles at a time
  • Drag your bubbles into any odd position you desire
  • Visually appealing, colorful, and customizable
  • Simple formatting and navigation


  • Lacks advanced features (can be unlocked with subscription)
  • Shared editing requires a multi-step process
  • Bubbles can eclipse each other if you’re not careful

Upgrades for Bubbl cost $6.00 per month or $59.00 per year.


3. SpiderScribe can integrate your multimedia way of thinking into a detailed web of images, maps, word documents, and even calendar appointments. Better yet, it makes doing so very easy. Don’t let this web app’s initial gray and squiggly appearance fool you – each stencil can be color coded and the map can be locked into an orderly grid if so desired.



  • Free version allows up to 3 private maps
  • Unlimited public maps
  • Export to  JPEG or PNG
  • Print from application
  • Easily invite others to work with you
  • Optional organizing grid
  • Add text, files, images, maps, or calendars


  • Limited color customization
  • Visually could be difficult to follow
  • Advertisements clog window space

SpiderScribe upgrades range from $5.00 – $25.00 per month.


Watch List: Exobrain

Visually, the layout is simple, clean, colorful, and appealing. The controls are extremely intuitive, but the toolbar is rather sparse.


When you actually use Exobrian, you can tell this web app is still getting off its feet. And indeed they are. For $3 a month they offer an early adopter rate, promising more features to come. They’ve done such a good job with what they have so far, that securing the discounted subscription might be worth considering.


So, which of the above is going to be your favorite online mind mapping tool henceforth? Have you been using mind maps already? How have they helped you?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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