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Two Locks

Most of the services nowadays are

opting for 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

for additional security to safeguard the critical data we store online. There’s even a service called


that lists all the sites that do or do not support it.

However, it isn’t very convenient always and not all apps support it yet. So using a password locally on your phone to lock certain apps makes sense. Plus it ensures that even if you’re already logged in to the service, anyone with access to your phone will have a hard time accessing that particular app. No harm in an extra layer of security, no?

In the past, we have seen an app called Smart App Protector for the task. But the app locker that we are going to talk about today – LockDown Pro – brings superior app design, better accessibility, quality and features. So let’s have a look at it and the reasons why we call it the best Android app locker.

LockDown Pro for Android

After you install LockDown Pro, it will give you the option to either set a classic four digit pin or a 9-dots pattern lock. The app will also ask you to set a recovery question in case you forget your password.

After the initial setup, the app will list all the apps installed on your device and you can just toggle the switch next to them to activate lock for the individual app. Locks on all the apps can be turned off or on by simply tapping the big green On button in the app.

Lock Down Initial
Activate Lockdown

You might want to make the app device administrator to prevent uninstallation and force-stopping of it. Don’t forget to deactivate this feature if you are planning to uninstall the app in the future.

You may also hide the app from the app store and a personal dialer code to invoke the app. If you own a device that has limited RAM, you might want to turn on the option to show notifications in the app drawer.

Security Question
Activate Device Manager

Password manager

An app that you have locked using LockDown Pro will give you a password prompt when you try to access it. There are three ways to set this password.

Password Manager

The first two – Classic and Pattern options – are given at the time of initial configuration, but there’s a calculator pin lock option too.  You can further secure these passwords by activating Time pin, that will change your pin based on time and some other parameters. And if you’re too close to a prying eye, ask the app to generate a random keyboard for you to enter your secure lock.

Lock Options and Fake Cover

By default, once the app loses focus it’s locked immediately. However, it can be delayed by the options provided in the app Lock options.

The relock time can be as long as 2 mins. Whenever you install a new app, LockDown pro will give you the option to include it in the list of locked apps. The app also features location and Wi-Fi based lock and unlock features to ease up the task. Fake cover is an additional feature of the app and when activated it gives a fake force close error on the app that you have locked using the app. You just need to long press the OK button to get to the pin page. Another cool way to not let the person beside you know what’s going on.

Lock Option
Fake Cover

There are themes that you can choose for the pattern and pin lock pages to get some extra styles while using the app. One thing I like about the app is the iPhone-like pin-lock pad in which I don’t need to press the OK button each time I enter the pin. Once all the four digits are entered the app will automatically verify and let you in if the pin is correct. Saves a step.

Enter Pin


All in all, LockDown Pro is an amazing app to enhance the security of your Android smartphone. I am pretty impressed with the design of the app and its ease of use. It has some pretty innovative features too.

With no flaws (in my tests), restrictions and ads, LockDown pro deserves 5 stars. Try out the app today and let us know if you feel any different.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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