Organize Your Messy iPhone Photo Collection With Tidymatic

Tidymatic is for anyone who uses their iPhone to take photos. Lots of photos.

iPhone has one of the best cameras when it comes to smartphones. Sites like Flickr are filled with amazing clicked-from-iPhone photos. But when you’ve used an iPhone for months and years, your photo collection becomes large and mismanaged.

You can of course use tools like iPhoto to edit and manage. But if you want a simpler solution to manage your photo collection which you save online, Tidymatic ($2.99) is for you.

Tidy Up Your Photo Collection

Tidymatic is one of the few apps which completely understands its role in a user’s life. As soon as you boot it up, Tidymatic asks permission to access your camera roll and starts scanning your library.

After which it proclaims “You have a mess of XXXX photos on your camera roll”. It’s best you hit the tidyUP button right below.

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Your messed up images are presented in a vertical list, with photos presented in a rectangular preview box. Swipe an individual photo to the right to tidy it up. After which you will be prompted to select a destination for your photo. From here you can send it to Dropbox, Evernote, mail it to someone (or yourself) or share it on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also select multiple images first and then swipe to the right to send them elsewhere all at once. This can be a good way to upload an entire album to Facebook fairly easily.

Sending To Dropbox

Wipe To Tidy

Like many other citizens of the internet, I use Dropbox to sync all my photos. The Dropbox app has Camera upload feature that automatically uploads all of my photos to a folder when I get home and connect to my Wi-Fi. It’s a process I’m fairly happy with. But there are a couple of things where Tidymatic has an upper hand.

How Tidymatic Is Better Than The Dropbox App

I take a lot of photos. Most of which end up in the trash for not being good enough. Dropbox uploads each and every picture to its library. So when you later delete it from your device, you have to delete it from your Dropbox folder as well.

Another issue is photo management. Dropbox will dump all your photos into one single folder. You don’t want that. You want different folders for pictures of your dogs, your kids or that vacation you took last year.

When you tell Tidymatic to send selected photos to Dropbox, it will bring up related folders (like Documents and Photos) but you can also select another folder. This one feature alone triumphs Dropbox’s in-house offering (moving images manually from their website).


Evernote integration works in the same way. You can send photos to any notebook you want. You can add a title or tags to organize your content better. Sharing photos with Evernote can be great if you maintain a shared notebook with your friends and family.

Twitter, Facebook, Mail


The Twitter option opens up the default New Tweet dialogue box. Mail does the same for email. Up pops the traditional compose box with your photos already loaded up. Just enter an email address and you are good to go. Facebook gives you more options, like creating new albums or adding new photos to an existing album or uploading a photo individually.


Tidymatic is a really simple application. Right from what it can do to what how it looks and works. This is probably the only app you need to make sense of your abysmal photo collection.

Your Take

What tools do you use to organize your photo collection? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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