4 Beautiful Sites for Design Ideas, Inspiration and Trends

Design Websites

As we have seen with each new generation of smartphones, tablets and computers in general, technology has started to look towards good design more and more for inspiration when it comes to defining the look and feel of future devices.

The reasons are obvious. Well-designed products are not just more appealing. Good design reduces clutter and makes devices and their operating systems easier to understand and use. All of this in the end results in a much more pleasant experience for the end user, which is why knowing good design is so important for anyone interested in the latest tech.

Most of us are not designers however, nor do we have the time to dive thoroughly into the subject, which is why in this entry we list some of the best design websites out there, and you’ll learn a lot from them even browsing through them just casually.

Let’s get going.

1. Wallpaper


If what you want is a vast array of design resources to draw inspiration from, then Wallpaper will definitely suit you. The site is abound with design ideas presented in magazine format.

Wallpaper also offers an iPad edition of their renowned magazine. Overall, this is the perfect site for just about anyone looking for a simple, fast way to learn and understand the latest trends in design.

2. Berger & Föhr

Berger Föhr

Colorado-based designers Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr own a graphic design and art direction studio responsible for some of the best pieces of design work used by several Fortune 500 companies. Their website showcases a varied array of design ideas, ranging from prints to even bicycles.

They are also co-responsible for the beautiful Rechner Calculator app for iPhone one of my favorite iOS apps design-wise and a perfect example of how great design can make for great tech products.

3. Aeliox


Owned by My Keiran Flanigan, this website showcases his work, which focuses almost exclusively on iOS applications. On his website, you will find some great examples of well-designed apps, some of which we have covered here, like Helvetinote, Hearts and even Rechner Calculator (co-designed with Berger & Föhr) and the nice Heed email app among others.

His site is updated regularly with other great examples of his work and is a must for anyone even remotely interested on iOS app design.

4. 1910 Design & Communication


Labeled as a graphic design and art direction studio, 1910 Design & Communication works with different brands in varied projects. However, besides their interesting and inspiring works, their blog in particular provides amazing articles with thoughts and insights on good design and its effects on tech and daily life.

Their latest entry ‘A Typographic Approach to Email’ is one of the best examples of how simple changes based on good design can vasty enhance the end user experience.

And there you go. If you have always been interested in good design but have never found the time to dive fully into it, these websites will do a great job of both vastly improving your design sense and keeping you up to date with the latest design trends. Enjoy!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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