Record Everything You Type on Android With Type Machine

We all must have encountered situations where we were working (typing, to be precise) on an app on Android and it suddenly crashed taking all the entered text with it. Some users also wish if there was a way they could copy more than just one snippet of information on their device’s clipboard and toggle between them depending upon the application they are working on.

Type Machine

So today we are going to talk about an interesting app called Type Machine which could solve the above problems for you once and for all.

Type Machine for Android

Type Machine is a simple yet innovative app for Android that keeps a record of everything you type on your Android device. The app records all the key strokes on the device for individual apps and keeps it in its history.

Note: The app is only available in paid version (US$ 1.99) and no lite version is available to try. However, if you don’t like the app in the first 15 minutes of usage, you can uninstall the app and get full refund with no questions asked.

Type Machine

After you install the app, it will ask you to enable it in the Android Accessibility settings to be able to record all the keystrokes on all the apps installed on your device.

Open Android Settings and navigate to Accessibility. Here look for the option Type Machine and enable the settings. This will make your app run as a background service and record your key presses.

Type Machine Accessibility

Type Machine will be a clean slate to begin with. Once you work on some of the apps installed on your device, for instance search for a contact in the phone book, you will find the corresponding entries in the Type Machine app.

It will display a list of apps you have typed on and the entered text, with the last set of data recorded. Once you tap on any of the apps in the list, it will open up a detailed view where you can go back in time and see what all you have typed. The app even records the corrections you have made and all that can be accessed using the time slider at the bottom of the screen.

Type Machine Record
Go Back In Time

At any time when you want to copy the content back to the clipboard, just tap the copy button at the top. All the text that is displayed here will be copied to your device clipboard and you can paste it in different apps.

If you want to look at the data recorded from a specific app, swipe to the left sidebar of the app and select the app you want to collect the data from. The app stores none of the data on the server and all of it is stored locally. By default the app cleans the old entries every 24 hours, but you may extend it to 7 days or even disable it completely.

Type Machine Select App

Some of the data that the app records might be confidential (like credit card information) and you must want to keep it under a lock. In the app settings open Security Settings and set up a pin lock to keep out any unauthorized access. If you don’t want to include private information to be tracked, like the data you input in the banking app installed on your device, you can just exclude that particular app from Type Machine.

In the app settings tap on the option Set ignored apps and put a check against the apps you would like to be ignored by Type Machine.

App Black List

Note: Type Machine app cannot log password field and I feel it’s for the best.


Time Machine is a very innovative app and I recommend it to all the Android power users out there. The app brings global undo to Android devices. Also, the local storage of data should pacify the privacy paranoids among you.

Let us know if you like the concept and if you’ve come across any other such apps.

Top Image Credit: gadl

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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