10 Best Plugins to Customize Muzei Live Wallpaper For Android

Muzei Start1

Muzei is a Live Wallpaper app for Android phones and tablets. There are thousands of live

wallpaper apps

available for Android

, but this one is different.

Firstly because it’s made by Roman Nurik, the developer of DashClock, the now ubiquitous lockscreen replacement. DashClock became popular because it was really easy to use and even easier to develop for. Any developer could make an extension for it, put it up on Google Play and it would just work with DashClock.

Muzei continues on the same legacy of DashClock but brings it on to the homescreen. Muzei is just a shell. It starts off with one source and your photos.

You can choose the source for your wallpaper, change the interval time between wallpaper changes, tweak the Dim and Blur amount from the settings, and that’s all there is to it, really.

Muzei in itself is a very lightweight app that runs on any running Android 4.2 or higher.

Let’s look at the best extensions available for Muzei.

1. NASA Image Of The Day


If you are a fan of all things space, you know NASA posts some of the most incredible images on its blog from time to time. Now you can enjoy the same goodness right on your homescreen with NASA Image Of The Day extension.

2. Unsplash For Muzei


When we talked about the best new websites to find stock images, Unsplash came out at the top. The quality of curated images is just astounding. And as all the images are free to use, Unsplash for Muzei can deliver a new image every hour to your homescreen directly. If you like looking at beautiful images, this extension is a must try.

3. Musei – Reddit

Reddit 2

Musei – Reddit brings you the most beautiful images Reddit has to offer. There’s a list of subreddits to choose from with the best ones like earthporn, exposureporn, skyporn already selected (Hint: It’s not really porn). This being Reddit, you’ll want to keep that Hide NS4W Content option checked.

4. Instagram Muzei Addon

Instagram Muzei Addon brings those square photos with colorful filters to your homescreen. Once you’ve connected your Instagram account, the extension lets you bring in your own photos, your feed, the photos you’ve liked and the most popular photos on Instagram.

5. Muzei Music Extension


Muzei Music Extension takes inspiration from the full screen album artwork Android 4.4 KitKat displays on the lockscreen. Only now, it’s on your homescreen. If you don’t have an album artwork associated with the song, it will download it for you from Last.fm‘s database. Just make sure you turn on the option to download artwork over Wi-Fi only from settings.

6. National Geographic Muzei

Nat Geo 2

If you are not a fan of looking at pictures from above and beyond, National Geographic Muzei is the extension for you. It will cycle through Nat Geo’s Photo Of The Day gallery bringing you the best pictures from all over the planet.

7. Flickr For Muzei


Flickr is the go to place to find images of all kinds. And if you are a shutterbug, you probably are already a member. Flickr for Muzei can cycle through your uploads, tags, groups, users or your favorites. Relive the joy of a decade’s worth of photos with Flickr for Muzei, right on your homescreen.

8. 500px For Muzei


You might call 500px the hip man’s Flickr. No matter what you have to say about the community, the quality of content it aggregates is noteworthy. 500px for Muzei will cycle through the best of 500px.

9. Dropzei For Dropbox

If you are like me, you use Dropbox for everything. From building an epub library to saving all your photos to collecting the best wallpapers. Now, you can of course just use the Dropbox app and download the pictures you need, crop them appropriately and set them as wallpapers. But why go through all of that when Dropzei will take care of it for you.

10. Google Doodle – Muzei

Google Doodle

Google Doodle – Muzei brings the wonderfully designed and often quirky Google Doodles to your homescreen. This will look great on your Google Now Launcher on your Nexus 5.

Your Favorite?

There are a lot of Muzei extensions availble on the Play Store. What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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