How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes On PC or Mac

iTunes sync is the perfect example of how an otherwise creative company can mess up a simple media copy/paste operation.

Few days back, I had to format my computer due to a technical glitch and I was unaware of the fact that iTunes library files must have been on my backup list (right, the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ list).

The damage was done and my iTunes was now a clean slate.

Itunes Sync

All I wanted was my iTunes library the way it was including all the playlists that I had created, without erasing the content of my iPhone, as it was my only hope in getting back the music.

But I underestimated iTunes’ nuisance quotient. There is no two-way sync support in iTunes and it wanted me to erase the content of the iPhone and do a fresh sync. As erasing the iPhone for a new sync was not an option, I started looking for alternatives and I did find find a few.

Transfer Music

Today we are going to see two ways in which you can get the music back from the iPhone to your computer. While the first method uses a freeware, it can only copy the content of your iPhone back to your hard drive and you will have to manually copy the content over to your iTunes.

However, in the second method we will be using a paid application using which you can replicate the iPhone back to iTunes directly including all the playlists that might have taken you days or even weeks and months to build up.

Importing Music from iPhone to iTunes using iFunBox

iFunBox is a Windows and Mac based iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app and file manager. The application can be installed for free and doesn’t come with any limitation for home use.

After you install the application, plug the iOS device to your computer and exit the iTunes application if it opens up automatically. Please make sure that no instances of iTunes or QuickTime is running before you launch iFunBox.

Import Music Ifunbox

After the application detects the connected device, navigate to Quick ToolBox and select the option Music under the Export files data section.

iFunBox will then ask you for the folder where you would like to import the music files to. Once you assign a folder iFunBox will copy all the music from the iOS device to your computer. You can then import the music back to iTunes and continue with the syncing. You will get all the music when you sync the data, but you will lose all the playlists that you had created on your phone.

Importing Using Wondershare TunesGo

If you don’t want to lose  the playlists, there’s an option called TunesGo from Wondershare. The application comes with a 15-day trial, but that won’t help at all because of the 20 songs restriction. So you’ll need to get the paid version.

After you install the full version of the app, run it and plug the iOS device to your computer. Here too, make sure iTunes and QuickTime are running on your computer.

Tunes Go 1

After the application detects your device, on the app’s home screen you will see the option Transfer to iTunes. Just click on the option and wait for the application to analyze the music files on your iOS device and compare it with your iTunes library.

After comparing, TunesGo will give you the number of tracks and playlists that are missing in iTunes installed on your computer. Now all you need to do is click on the import to iTunes button and leave the rest to TunesGo.

Tunes Go

TunesGo will take some time to copy the content to your computer depending upon the number of tracks you have on  your device. When the process is complete, you can exit Tunes Go and open iTunes. You will see the tracks and playlists as they were on your device before you lost them.

Note: TunesGo might experience problems in reproducing nested playlists and one might have to categorize them manually once they are imported in iTunes.


So these were the two ways in which you can get back the music from your iPhone to iTunes and do a sync with new PC or Mac without losing any data. While Wondershare TunesGo might be a paid app, they come up with many giveaways and offers in the festive season that you can grab. Additionally, if you wish to recommend any other app for the task, just tip us in the comments.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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