PrinterShare Review: Probably Best Printing App for Android

Setting up an iPhone to print wirelessly from my computer which doesn’t have Google Cloud Print support, was a cakewalk. The iPhone has a built-in support for wireless printing (see the screenshots below) and one can directly share a document with the installed printer plugin to move over a print command to the home wireless printer. The iPhone automatically detects the printer and configures its specifications. But when it comes to Android, it’s a different story (and that’s why this post).

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PrinterShare for Android for Mobile Printing

While configuring my Android, I realized that there was no dedicated support for printing on Jelly Bean Android 4.3. Although there were some dedicated apps from the printer manufacturers, they were specific to certain printer models.

In a previous post, where we wrote about how to print wirelessly using an Android phone, we talked briefly about an app called PrinterShare for Android. We’ll dive into it today to know how the app works and how it can be configured to post out any wireless mobile printing directly from your Android device.

Printer Share

As soon as you download and install PrinterShare from the Play Store, your Android is print ready. After you launch the app, the very first thing you will have to do is configure the printer.

On the app, click on the three-dot menu on the top-right corner and tap the option Select Printer. While adding Google Cloud Printer is similar to what we showed in the last article, today we will focus on local Wi-Fi printer. Make sure the app is switched on and connected to the Wi-Fi network and choose Nearby – Wi-Fi.


The app will automatically scan for printers in the local Wi-Fi network your Android device is connected to and return the search results with the name of the printer. Now all you need to do is select the printer and start printing. The app supports a vast range of printer models and the full list of the supported printers can be found here.


After you have selected a printer, you can straightaway start printing from the app. On the app homepage you can see a list of different things you can print.

For example, to print messages that are on your device, simply tap on the Messages option and select the contact for whom you would like to print the complete conversation list and tap on Print. You can configure printing properties via the Options button. Here you can select and configure printer and page properties before printing.


To print a local document, select the option Documents and browse for the file you would like to print. You can also print the web pages directly using the Web Pages option.

The free app comes with some printing restrictions and you may choose to get a premium license of the app for $12.95. Yes, not cheap at all, but it’s worth every penny if your everyday routine involves using your printer often.

Note: Paying for the app will not help in detecting a printer which is not already detected in the free version. If the free version failed to detect it, so will the paid one.


So that is how the PrinterShare app can be used on Android to take care of all your wireless and cloud printing needs. The app not only makes configuring and printing painlessly easy, but also gives so much additional information one can print without switching to a computer.

Try out the app and tell us if you liked it. If you would like to recommend any additional printing apps, please do mention them in the comments. We would be happy to take them up for review too.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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