How to Print From Android Phone or Tablet Using Wi-Fi

Android devices help get the work done. There are many apps to help you work with your smartphone on the go on Play Store. However, if you are considering printing some of these documents, too, your device comes in handy here as well. Here’s how to print from an Android Phone or tablet.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the built-in feature to print documents on an Android phone. Further, we’ll also show you a few official apps from printer manufacturers that help you connect the printer to your Android phone. This way, you can seamlessly print documents from your Android phone. Hence, let us dive into these methods.

Things to Consider to Print Something From Your Phone

As mentioned earlier, Android phones have a built-in feature to detect printers and help you print with ease. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before doing so.

  • Ensure that you have enabled Wi-Fi printing on your printer.
  • Ensure you have connected your printer and Android device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Ensure you have turned on location services on your Android device – this helps detect Wi-Fi direct printers.

Once you follow the above instructions, you are ready to set up a printer on your device. Now, let us look at how to enable the printer detection service on your Android device.

Connect Your Android Phone to Wireless Printer

Note: We have used a OnePlus device to demonstrate the process. However, the steps remain similar for other Android devices as well.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Connection & Sharing’.

Step 3: Tap on Print.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Default Print Service’.

Step 5: Turn on the toggle for ‘Default Print Service’.

If you have a printer with Wi-Fi Direct, tap on the Plus icon and tap on ‘Search for Wi-Fi Direct Printers’.

There you go – once your Android device finds and connects to your printer, you can start printing anything from your Android device. Move on to the next section to learn how.

How to Print Documents on Your Android Device

Here’s how you can print any PDF document wirelessly from your Android device. Your Android device has a built-in PDF reader that has the option to send the document wirelessly to your printer. Here’s how to access the feature.

Noted: If you wish to print something from the internet, you can convert the web page to PDF and follow the steps below. Alternatively, go to Chrome, tap the three-dots icon at the web page’s top-right, select share > scroll and tap on print.

Step 1: Open the PDF document you want to print. Make sure to either select Drive PDF Viewer or Google PDF Viewer on your device. You can install the latter from the Play Store if you don’t have it installed already.

Step 2: Tap on the three dots icon at the top right and select Print.

Step 3: Select a Printer, modify the print layout if needed, and then tap on Print.

There you go – that is everything you need to do to print a document from your Android phone. Next, let us take a look at how to print photos on your Android phone.

How to Print Photos From Android Phone

Photos make for everlasting memories of precious moments in our life. But if you want to go further and print photos from your Android device, here’s how to do it.

Note: We have used the Google Photos app to demonstrate the process. However, the instructions remain similar for other gallery apps as well. But if you want to install Google Photos, it is free on the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Open the image and tap on the three dots menu button.

Step 2: Tap on Print.

Step 3: Select the printer, print layout, and change any print settings if needed.

Step 4: Then, tap on print. This should send the image to your printer.

Next, let us look at how to print text messages on your Android device.

How to Print Text Messages on Your Android Device

Gone are those days when official communication was only made through emails. Important details are now quickly sent on various text messaging platforms, thanks to their convenience. Tools like Slack, WhatsApp for Business, and Microsoft Teams are professional communication tools.

Therefore, if you are considering printing any such important detail in the form of a text message, you can take a screenshot and print it.

Step 1: Take a Screenshot of the Text Message.

Step 2: Open the screenshot in your gallery, and tap on the three dots menu icon.

Step 3: Tap on Print. Select the printer, print layout, and change any print settings if needed.

Step 4: Then tap on print, and this should send the image to your printer.

There you go – that is how you can print wirelessly from your Android phone. To further help you out, you look at the next section, featuring some of the companion apps made by manufacturers.

Use Third-Party Printing Services to Print From Android

You may feel that the native options on your Android phone might not be enough to print documents how you want. Therefore, you can check out some companion apps developed by printer manufacturers on the Play Store.

Furthermore, their printer apps will help you connect to the printer in an easier way and offer you better controls over the same. Here is the list of printer apps available on Play Store:

  • Ezzep Blue
  • PrinterOn Print Service
  • HP
  • Mopria
  • Lexmark
  • Brother
  • Samsung
  • Canon
  • Xeros
  • Epson

To print from these apps, download the respective app from Play Store > grant all the necessary permissions to the app to access the media. Now, search for the file or photos you wish to print > preview your file and make the necessary changes > tap on print.

Note: If you can’t print from the third-party app, go to Settings > Print (you will find the option in connectivity-related settings) > enable the third-party print app. You should be able to print it now.

There you go! That is everything you need to know on how to print on your Android phone. However, if you have further questions, look at the next section.

FAQs on Printing on Android Phone

1. Why is my Android phone not detecting my printer?

You may try connecting your printer to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android phone. On your Android phone, try restarting it or refreshing the Wi-Fi connectivity.

2. Why is Google Cloud Print not available?

Google Cloud Print was discontinued in 2020. So, it isn’t available anymore.

Print on the Go

We hope this article helped you print from your Android phone on the go. However, if you are using an iPhone, look at a similar guide we published earlier that enables you to print using an iPhone. Overall, we like this feature that helps us print whatever we need with just a few taps!

Last updated on 11 August, 2023

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