Top 6 Add-ons For Using the Firefox Sidebar Like a Pro

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Firefox is one of the most popular browsers out there and its sidebar feature is one of the most underrated. If you are blessed with a workstation with a large screen, the sidebar can come in really handy.

There are many cool uses for it. Here are some of the best add-ons to make use of Firefox’s sidebar.

1. Access Bookmarks, History and Downloads

Omni Sidebar Sidebar

With the help of Omnisidebar you have an omnipresent sidebar which shows your Bookmarks, History, Downloads, Add-ons, Scratchpad and even an Error Console right there.

It will be the default place for all of these options. So Downloads will always show up in the sidebar.

2. Browse Facebook

Facebook Sidebar

Facebook Sidebar allows you to dock Facebook right in the sidebar. This is exactly what a Facebook addict needs. You can browse your news feed and even checkout the notifications right from the sidebar. The extension simply loads the mobile webpage in the sidebar. It’s simple and it works.

3. Twitter In Your Sidebar

Twitter Sidebar

Thanks to Twitbin (UPDATE: This tool is not available anymore) for Firefox, you can stay on top of everything that’s happening in the world at all times. You can view your timeline, lists, and basically do everything you can do on the Twitter’s website with Twitbin.

4. Shop While You Browse

Amazon Tab

If you’ve got an itch for shopping and Amazon is how you do most of it, Amazon Sidebar Shop (UPDATE: This tool is not available anymore) is the extension for you. It will display Amazon’s website in the sidebar so you can search for deals while you browse the internet.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t want your sidebar to always be visible, you can use this add-on which activates the sidebar only when your mouse pointer is near the edges of the browser window.

5. Read Your Feeds

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Sage allows you to turn your sidebar into a mini feed reader. Just add the a bookmark for the site you want to follow into Sage folder. Instead of the site URL, grab the RSS feeds link, click save and you are done. Now Sage will display all the latest articles from the site in your sidebar.

6. Manage Your Tabs Sideways

Tabbed Sidebar

Widescreen monitors are a boon for multitaskers. But many webpages still take up only 600-800 pixels of the widescreen canvas. Let’s put the white space to better use. There are a couple of advantages to docking your tabs to either side of the window. You get a lot more details about each tab and it’s easier to reach them as well. If you are looking to tab sideways, Tree Style Tab is the best way to go.

Your Side

Do you have a go-to add-on you always prefer to be docked on the side of your screen? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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