The Best Android Xposed Framework Modules (GravityBox and all)

Previously we talked about what Xposed Framework is and how you can install Modules to enhance your Android phone’s functionality. Well, today we are going to recommend you the best Modules you should try and cover all the amazing changes you can make with it. It’s mainly about GravityBox and the things it is capable of doing. Let’s check it out.

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This is a big one. It is supported for Jelly Bean and Kitkat devices, and runs only on Stock or AOSP ROMs. If you are running stock but are missing some of the great features like Pie controls from Paranoid Android or the brightness status bar tweak from CM, GravityBox is for you.

There are a lot of this GravityBox can do for you and if you go with it, you can skip dozens of single purpose modules out there.

Here is just a small taste of GravityBox’s capabilities.

Lockscreen Tweaks

Lockscreen Tweaks

Add a ring surrounding the lock circle that shows you your battery stats. Long pressing the battery circle can activate the torch. You can even enable the feature that shows your lockscreen widget in expanded mode by default. This is especially useful if your Dashclock widget.

Status Bar Tweaks

Satus Bar

Gravity Box lets you do a lot of meddling with the status bar. You can change the battery icon to a circle one with text or get rid of it altogether. There are similar options for the clock as well. You can have it displayed in the center (like iOS). And if you don’t like the color of the text, you can change them as well.

Power Menu Tweaks

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You can customize your power menu so now instead of just Power off, you get a lot more options. You can enable the advanced reboot menu that lets you reboot into the recovery or bootloader and you can have screenshot and screen record options as well.

Navigation Bar Tweaks

GravityBox lets you remap your navigation bar keys as well. So you can add the menu key or change the placement of Back and Recent keys. It will also let you change the color of the keys and the size of the navigation bar.

Phone Tweaks

From here you can assign flip action while phone is ringing, so flipping the phone can mute the ringer or even dismiss the call. You can have the caller photo show up full screen, just like the Kitkat lockscreen music artwork.

And Much More…

Pie Controls
Transparent Recent

GravityBox lets you enable CM style brightness bar tweak which lets you change the screen brightness just by sliding your finger across the status bar. It will also let your add more toggles to the quick settings toolbar and lets you over ride their default functionality. And there is much more to it. You should go through all the settings once and customize them to your preference.

Other Single Purpose Tweaks

The All-in-One modules might not have everything you are looking for. In such instances you can always go for some of the single purpose Modules out there. Here are our picks.


Xprivacy 2

XPrivacy lets you tinker with the privacy settings for any app. So if you don’t want to allow an app access to your contacts or SMS, you can do that with XPrivacy.

App Settings

App Settings
App Settings 2

App Settings is the ultimate app to customize minute details of individual apps you normally aren’t allowed access to. You can change the font size, pixel density, resolution, change the default language or enable full screen mode for an immersive experience.

Tinted Status Bar

Tinted Status Bar

This is one of those tweaks that when it works, it seems like the best thing ever but when it doesn’t, you just can’t stop looking at it. Tinted Status Bar takes the color scheme of the app you are using and applies it to the status bar. Thankfully, you can customize the colors if you want to.

Xposed Additions

Xposed Additions

This app lets you remap the hardware keys. So if you think your power button is going to give up soon, you can remap the option to one of the volume keys.

Modules For Samsung, HTC And Xperia Phones

Yes, most of the feature rich Modules are only available for Stock or AOSP ROMs but that does not mean other mobile users are out of luck. You can find Modules made specially for these devices in this post.

Alternative All-in-Ones To GravityBox

GravityBox is not the only All-in-One Module for Xposed, although it is the most feature rich. If for some reason you can’t use it on your device, take a look at these alternatives: Tweakbox, XblastTools, XuiMod.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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