Pocket Informant Review: An All-in-One iOS Productivity App

Pocket Informant ReviewOn the App Store, there are a number of apps to choose from when it comes to almost any task, be it games, weather apps and such. However, while we might get several games or apps of other kinds, we usually put a lot more thought on choosing a productivity app, mainly because those are apps we tend to spend a lot more of our time with.

This, of course, makes it even more important to choose the best app when it comes to productivity, or at least the most complete one.

That’s why Pocket Informant is so popular among productivity power users. It encapsulates the features of three different productivity tools plus more, all in one single, powerful app.

Here’s a better look at how Pocket Informant works:

While most productivity apps focus on one aspect of productivity (calendar, notes, tasks and such), Pocket Informant has been offering all three of them since its inception years ago, combining them in a single, mega-productivity/planning app.

Once you start using it, the first thing you have to do is to grant Pocket Informant access to your calendar, contacts and your reminders, as well as to your iOS device’s location services.

Calendar Access

Important Note: In its free version, Pocket Informant syncs with limited calendars/reminders. You can remove this limit (and gain access to several other features) via an in-app purchase ($14.99), although some users will find the included features in the free version to be more than enough.

Pocket Informant Premium

The app’s main screen has five tabs at the bottom of the screen that let you access the most important sections of it, including your calendar, notes and tasks.

The leftmost tab is definitely the most important, since it is where all your due appointments and events for the day are shown. In short, here you’ll find the most urgent things you have to take care of.

Pocket Informant Urgent

Next up is the Calendar tab, which as expected shows you you calendar events. This supports both portrait and landscape orientations and can display not just your upcoming events, but also your tasks.

Pocket Informant Calendar Portrait

Pocket Informant Calendar Landscape

Additionally, the calendar screen sports four different views, including a very convenient Weekly view that displays events and tasks with great detail.

Pocket Informant Calendar Day  Pocket Informant Calendar Week

Then there’s the Tasks/Reminders tab, which shows your reminders filtered out by due date.

Pocket Informant Reminders

The last two tabs, Notes and Contacts, are available as premium features, although to be honest they feel more like add-ons than like real additions to a productivity suite.

Pocket Informant Notes  Pocket Informant Contacts

The great thing about Pocket Informant though, is that it integrates seamlessly with the native apps of your iOS device, which means everything is kept up to date across all your devices.

All in all, I think Pocket Informant already delivers a lot of value in its free version. But anyone serious about their productivity and who appreciates not having to jump in and out of different apps should definitely consider upgrading to the paid version of the app. It might seem a bit expensive at first, but if you consider that it is like having more than three apps in one, the flexibility that it allows thanks to its multiple features and the convenience of having all of these in one app, then the price becomes far more bearable.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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