Harmony and Move: 2 iOS Puzzle Games to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Harmony Main Review

While gaming on iOS devices is as diverse as its audience, one genre that seems to be made for the platform is puzzles. We’ve covered a few of the greatest of them

in this entry

before, and this time we have a couple of tile puzzles that are both original and challenging.

Let’s take a look at how these two puzzles play and why they are so engaging.


Described by its developers as an addictive puzzler, Harmony for iOS quickly proves them right by its mix of simple, yet challenging gameplay and relaxing music.

Harmony Main

The mechanics behind Harmony are pretty simple: You play on boards filled with colored tiles and move them until they match the pattern outlined by the color bars at the top and bottom of the screen. So, if the top of the screen is light yellow and the bottom is green (as on the screenshot below), the tiles at the bottom have to be green and the ones at the top have to match the light yellow color of the top.

Harmony Tiles 1
Harmony Tiles 2

Important Note: As you move forward in the game, you’ll have to take care of matching more than just two colors. In fact, the higher levels require you to take care of entire (and complex) color palettes.

Naturally, you can’t just move tiles freely around. Instead, you can only move them in pairs. Tap a tile, and then tap the one next to it and both will exchange places regardless of their color. But it doesn’t stop there; each tile has one or more dots on it indicating the number of times that that particular tile can be moved.

Harmony Tiles 3
Harmony Tiles Harder
Harmony Nice Work

Overall, while Harmony might seem simple at first, it can get pretty challenging very fast, but the game’s mechanics and its incredible music make it really fun and addictive.


“Brain-shifting puzzle” might be a stretch when it comes to describing an iOS game, but nonetheless, Move for iPhone manages to pack a hefty level of challenge regardless of its simple gameplay mechanics.

The essence of Move, as its name implies, is to move colored circles along tiles until they reach the tiles of the same color.

Move Main
Move Tiles 1

For example, as you can see from the screenshots below, the light-blue circles have to be placed into the tiles of the same color. The trick with Move though, is that once you move a circle, all of them move in the same direction, so you have to make sure to achieve the puzzle’s goal in the minimum number of moves.

Move Example 1
Move Example 2

The boards that you start with are simple enough. However, as the game progresses, puzzles become harder. And if the free puzzles are not enough a challenge for you, you can also purchase more complex boards from within the app.

Move Store

Note: A really cool thing about Move is that it sports a ‘Color Blind’ mode, making it accessible for even more users.

Move Color Blind

If you are a fan of engaging games that you can enjoy casually, then these couple of simple, yet challenging puzzles will definitely be worth your time, so make sure to give any of them a try.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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