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The sky has always fascinated me and if given a chance, I would love to fly one of the supersonic jet planes out there. However, the era we live in, we don’t really need to wait for that moment to get in the cockpit for real. Thanks to the amazing virtualization technology we have today, we can get that high and feel (well, somewhat) of flying, right in the smartphones we carry in our pockets.


So for our readers for whom the sky is the limit, here are some of the amazing air combat games you can play on your Android. Let’s have a look at our list of top 5 such Android apps (or games, rather).

1. AirAttack HD

AirAttack HD is one of the best, top down air combat shooter arcade games available for Android. The main objective of the game is to control a fighter plane and shoot the enemies as you fly. There are ten missions you can play through and as you move up in the game, you unlock different planes and special weapons. Other than arcade, the game also features a survival mode in which you have to score the highest score possible without getting hit by the enemy planes.


The game has excellent audio and animation effects with brilliant aerodynamics. The gameplay has a realistic feel. The controls are very flexible. Users can choose between touch and tilt, and can also use Xperia PLAY optimized devices.

While the full version of the game comes for a price, users can try up to 3 levels of the game for free in the Lite mode which can be downloaded for free from the PlayStore.

2. Infinite Sky

Infinite Sky is similar to AirAttack HD but takes place in an open world setup. The game is free to play with 100+ missions in which you have to defend the sky from enemy planes. Now, although the game is free, one needs to collect coins while dogging the enemy bullets. As these coins are used to upgrade planes and buying special weapons to survive through the game, there are in-game purchases to make things easy. But that’s optional.

Infinity Sky

Infinite sky also offers brilliant controls over the plane and makes gameplay an addiction over time. There are three unique flight modes that you can choose from and fly 5 different types of flights in its amazing 3D world. The game also integrates with Facebook and Twitter so that you can share your scores with your friends and motivate yourself.

3. C.H.A.O.S Multiplayer Air War

C.H.A.O.S Multiplayer Air War is a helicopter based simulation game in which you can take the dogfight to combat choppers. However, the game is not just about flying high and shooting bullets and missiles. It’s also about flying the chopper in the realistic simulation environment. Before entering a fight, the game will walk you through all the controls and give you a brief idea on how the chopper is to be controlled.


The game is played in online multi-player mode and there are many choppers you can choose from. Few of my personal favorites are UH-60 Black Hawk and RAH-66 Comanche. So go online and show your flying skills to others out there.

4. Air Patriots

Air Patriots is basically a tower defense game in which you have to micromanage the planes that are built as towers and save your resource from the incoming waves of enemy. However, unlike other tower defense games, here you get the option to go mobile. You can move your planes and change the tactics in between the game. The user just needs to draw lines on the map to create the patrolling path of the planes.

Air Patriots

The game offers 7 different maps with three different difficulty level. In total there are 13 different planes you can choose from and each one of them will have unique characteristics against different enemies. However, you can choose only 5 different planes for any given level to clear. The game might not be that appealing when it comes to graphics, but has a solid game play.

5. Ace Wings: Online

Ace Wings: Online is yet another 3D aerial dogfight game for Android. Due to enhanced graphics, to get the best gameplay experience, I recommend you play it on large screen devices. In the game you can start with solo missions, but play online with up to 4 players in real-time. The game offers World War II style bomber planes to get amazing air to air combat.


The games offers 8 different maps to choose from and you can unlock new weapons, flights and achievements as you level up in the game.

So these were some of the aerial combat games you can play on your Android. If we missed out on any of your favorite games in the list, don’t forget to add them using comments. So fly high, soar higher and touch the sky!

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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