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Now that it’s been some time since the iOS 7 jailbreak came out, we are seeing lots of exciting tweaks taking shape for iOS 7. And the updates will only keep getting better in coming months.

I Pad Tweaks

Before we start, you need to be running iOS 7 on your iPad (or a compatible hardware) to take advantage of all of these tweaks. You of course need your iPad to be jailbroken and running Cydia. Check out this handy guide to learn how to do just that.

So, iPad users, all set? Here are the ten best jailbreak tweaks you should try out.

1. RecordMyScreen

If you are looking for a screen capture app, this is it. RecordMyScreen (repo:repo.coolstar.org) is an open source app and works wonderfully on iOS 7. First, you need to add this repo to your sources. After you’ve download the tweak, head to settings and assign an activation gesture for RecordMyScreen. Next time you want to record a video of your screen, just perform the gesture and hit Record on the popup box.

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2. iFile

iFile (repo: BigBoss) is the missing file browser for your iOS devices. As we all know Apple’s walled garden does not allow access too the system or even user files. iFile will let your break into that.

You can save any file you want here in different folders. A file browser like iFile is also necessary for accessing recordings made by RecordMyScreen.

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3. SwipeSelection

SwipeSelection (repo: BigBoss) is the best tweak you can download to enhance the writing experience on the iPad. We all know how hard it is to point the cursor exactly to the letter we want to edit. With SwipeSelection, you can swipe on left and right on your multi touch iOS 7 keyboard and the cursor will move accordingly. No frustrating tap and holds for you now on.

This video shows SwipeSelection in action:

4. f.lux

f.lux is a really intelligent tweak. It lets you intelligently dim the display depending on what time of day it is. So at night it coats the screen with a warm orange tint so your eyes aren’t blinded by the crisp bright white screen.

5. Barrel

Barrel 225X300

You might choose to ignore this tweak but for us seasoned jailbreakers Barrel (repo: BigBoss, $2.99) holds a sentimental value. I still remember loading it up on iOS 3 on my third generation iPod Touch and being pleasantly surprised. It was one of the first tweaks that allowed you to drastically alter the behaviour of the home screen, in a way you normally couldn’t.

6. TetherMe

TetherMe (repo: BigBoss) is a simple tethering utility that allows you to convert supported iOS device with a data connection into a Wifi hotspot.

7. Nitrous

Nitrous (repo: BigBoss) is a $0.99 utility that supercharges your internet browsing experience. It unlocks the Nitro JavaScript engine that is only available for Apple apps like Safari and iBooks ( it is also the reason why Safari is always after compared to third party browsers).

After installing Nitro, the performance of Web-kit heavy applications like Chrome and Facebook will be increased dramatically.

8. AdBlocker

AdBlocker (repo: BigBoss) blocks all the ads from web browsers as well as ad supported apps. It is a paid tweak for $2.19, but if you want a free alternative, check out Adblock. It will only block ads in browsers though, and not in apps.

9 & 10. CCControls and CChide

CCControls and CChide (repo: Modmyi.com, BigBoss) are the two ultimate applications to customize your Control Center. There are lots of things you can do here. Remove widgets you don’t need, add shortcuts to utilities, change the look and even launch applications directly from the Control Center. Alvaro recently talked about CCControls at length in his best jailbreak tweaks for iPhone article.

Control Center

Your Take?

What are some of your favorite jailbreak tweaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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