3 Brilliant Jailbreak Tools to Customize iPhone’s Control Center

Control Center Jailbreak Tweaks

For many iOS device owners, Control Center was like a godsend when Apple introduced it with iOS 7. However, what this tool delivers in usefulness, it lacks in flexibility. Thankfully, if you know

how to jailbreak your iPhone

 or iPad, you have access to a series of really nice tweaks (all available through Cydia) that can really increase how useful Control Center is for you.

Let’s take a good look at them.

Important Note: All of these tools, once installed, are available through the Settings app on your iOS device.

Tools In Settings

1. CCControls to Have Power Over the Control Center

We mentioned CCControls in a past entry, but it is time to take a better look at this handy tool.

CCControls is, as its name indicates, a tool to give you almost complete control over Control Center. From the moment you install it, this jailbreak tool already starts working by adding a series of controls to the upper section of Control Center. These can range from a sleep button, a cellular data trigger and even Siri, and all can be customized from the main screen of this tool.

Ccccontrols List 1
Ccccontrols List 2

In addition to this, CCControls also offers three additional settings: Theme, Lock Screen Restrictions and Controls Per Page.

Ccccontrols Additional Settings

In Theme, you can customize the look of the icons on the top section of Control Center by choosing among different color sets and even squares shapes, while Lock Screen Restrictions lets you choose whether to display Control Center on the lock screen or not.

Ccccontrols Colors 1
Ccccontrols Colors 2

Meanwhile, Controls Per Page helps you customize the number of icons/controls that are available on the top section of Control Center.

Ccccontrols Controls 1
Ccccontrols Controls Final

2. CCHide to Customize What Control Center Shows

CCHide is a jailbreak tool that, while pretty subtle, is really powerful and will definitely prove to be the most useful one for many iOS device owners.

As its name implies, the main function of CCHide is to help you choose which sections of Control Center should remain visible and which not.

Cchide Sections
Cchide 1
Cchide 2

For example, in my case I listen to a lot of music on my iPhone, and I use either the Music app nor the lock screen controls to control the songs playing. That means I rarely (if ever) use the media controls on Control Center.

Cchide No Media Controls

Using CCHide you can hide not only that section, but any other until Control Center displays only what you really need to use. Definitely handy if you don’t like unnecessary stuff.

3. CCQuick to Change Color, Add Buttons

Being a relatively small tool, CCQuick can be deceivingly useful. Contrary to the tools mentioned before, this jailbreak tool focuses on two main aspects of Control Center: Visibility and Accessibility.

We already covered how you can make Control Center more readable in a past entry, but if you want to add a bit more of personality to how it looks, CCQuick has you covered.

To accomplish this, this tool allows you to change the overall background color of Control Center to tailor it to your exact liking.

Ccquick Main
Ccquick Colored

In addition to this (and perhaps the most handy feature of this tool), CCQuick lets you add other options to the default controls on the bottom section of Control Center. Here you can choose to either add a set of controls to replace the home button, to reboot your device, to close any open app or to access a set of hidden SpringBoard settings, like for the parallax effect, icon animations and more.

Ccquick Regular
Ccquick Custom
Ccquick Options

Then, you can also add a multitasking tray to that bottom section, allowing you to switch apps right form there instead of having to double click the home button.

Ccquick Options Screen
Ccquick Multitasking

And there you go. If you have a jailbroken iOS device and were wondering how to take full advantage of it, these free tools will save you a lot of time and only take a few minutes to install. So try them out and let us know what you think!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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