4 Must-Have Free Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone (iOS 7)

I Os 7 I Phone Jailbreak Tweaks

With the release of Cydia for

jailbroken iOS 7 devices

, a whole new set of features and options have become available for iPhone and iPad owners that were previously just impossible to even think of making an appearance on the latest version of iOS.

Even better, now that this important jailbreak tool is available, several developers have updated their offerings and some of the coolest tweaks for iPhone are now ready to download on the latest iOS devices.

So, if you have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 7, here’s a roundup of four essential jailbreak tweaks available for free that you should try on your device.

1. Activator

This little tool is perhaps the best example of why the jailbreak scene remains so persistent on iOS.


Self-described as a tool to implement “centralized gestures, button and shortcut management for iOS”, Activator provides you an unprecedented level of control over how you customize the options of the buttons and gestures of your iPhone to perform different commands, like opening certain apps or carrying out a specific action.

Activator Main
Activator Map Target
Activator Map App

Note: If you have an iPhone 5S, Activator also includes actions you can map to Touch ID.

2. BytaFont 2

BytaFont 2 is another great entry in the ‘customization tools’ department. Although not targeted towards gestures or button clicks as our previous tweak, BytaFont plays definitely a more influential role on how your iPhone looks and feels.

Byta Font 2 Main

The reason is that with this tool, you can actually change the fonts of the entire system, making iOS look completely different. BytaFont 2 comes with a series of different fonts to choose from, and you can get them and install them right from the app itself.

Definitely worth checking out if you want to give your iPhone a different feel without changing any of its functionality.

Byta Font 2 Font Choose
Byta Font 2 Font Change

3. CCControls

Without a doubt, Control Center is definitely one of the best and most useful features of iOS 7. However, as the rest of the system, it is barely customizable. CCControls is a very neat tweak that fixes just that by providing a larger degree of customization to what you can see and use in Control Center.

Cccontrols Main

It allows you to choose from a variety of tools and commands to customize the ones that will be present on Control Center. For example, CCControls gives you a one-tap access to options like multitasking, locking your Phone’s screen, rebooting your iPhone and such, which in many cases help you preserve your iPhone’s Home button life.

Cccontrols Views
Cccontrols Options
Cccontrols Example

4. Hidden Settings 7

As its name states, Hidden Settings 7 makes available for the user a series of settings that iOS 7 doesn’t show. Once installed, you can access these internal SpringBoard settings from Control Center.

There are several things you can control from there, like the parallax effects across the entire system, the behavior of folders (pinch to close), icon animations, font legibility and much more.

Hidden Settings 7 Main
Hidden Settings 7 Launch

The great thing about this tool is that if you make a mistake, you can restore all the default settings with just one tap, making this a great way to experiment with the system.

Hidden Settings 7 Options
Hidden Settings 7 Options 2

And there you have them. As you can see, having a jailbroken iPhone certainly has its advantages, so make sure to follow our guide on jailbreaking iOS 7 (linked in the first paragraph) if you want to try any of these essential tweaks. If not these, you might find something you really like.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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