Stop Struggling With Habits and Master Them With This Tool

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Lift started as a humble little app for iPhone to track what you do each day. It was a great accountability tool and you could see exactly how many days you

went to the gym

last month or

ate healthy


But at the time, the scope and scale of Lift was really limited. It was only available for iPhone and there was only a short list of pre-approved habits to choose from.

Now though, Lift has blossomed into a full blown ecosystem that spans over iPhone, Web and now Android and proves useful to a wonderful community of people who want to improve their life by holding themselves accountable.

Let us check out the various features of this tool and how it can actually help those (aren’t we all?) struggling with habits to finally form them and master them.

The Apps

Lift Web View

Lift recently got a face-lift just like every other mobile app out there. It went flat. And it managed to do so in a non-obstructive way. Lift uses the same design language across all its apps, so it won’t matter if you are using it on iPhone, Android or the web app. It’ll look familiar on each of the platforms. To get started, click the blue + button on the welcome screen. You’ll be presented with the popular habits and plans, from here you can quickly join the ones you like. You can even search for something specific. If you have thought of it, lift most probably has it in its library.

Lift Notification

Once you are done with that, come back to the home screen and you’ll find all your habits listed neatly. Here, you can check the ones you tried on a particular day. Lift will show you how many times you’ve checked in to the habit and you can also leave a little note about the activity you did.

Lift will also show you a 21-day progress bar alongside each habit, which is usually the amount of time it takes to turn any activity into a habit. And once you’ve got yourself going, Lift will send you notifications like “Props if you do one of your x habits today” or “You’re riding a x day streak in a habit” (pictured above) and that really goes a long way in motivating you.

Coaching Plans

This is the stand out feature of Lift. Lift users can create a Coaching plan with detailed step by step instructions which other users can join, track and discuss all within Lift. These are of course free to join and interact. The feature was enabled only two months ago and we are already seeing detailed plans for marathon training, acing your exams, eating more vegetables and fruits, and a lot more.

Lift Plans

The plans featured in Lift are extremely detailed so at no time do you feel lost or misguided. The Six Weeks to a Half Marathon plan, for example, gives you a detailed list of 42 tasks, one for each day. If you have any questions, pop right into discussions and your team members will surely help you out. If training for a marathon seems like a bit too much, you can always start the Ease into Running plan.

Lift Steps

Lift has lots of plans available and you should browse through the featured category to discover more of them, but here is a list of beginner plans that will get you started with leveling up your life.

Lift Home 709X1024

Level Up

  • 5k Training for Beginners
  • Meditation 101
  • 21 Days to your best sleep ever
  • Yoga Pose Challenge
  • 3 Months to a New You!
  • Pushups for Beginners
  • Intro to the 7-Minute Workout

Lift is still a developing product so there are bound to be some hiccups here and there. In my testing, I found the Android app to be a bit laggy compared to the iPhone and Web experience. And while you can see how many times you’ve checked in to a habit, there is no quantifiable way to view this data at a glance. The iOS app does show you a Frequency per week graph with each activity but it is surprisingly absent from the web and Android client.

If you’ve been stuck in a rut trying to form better habits in 2014 and don’t know where to start, Lift is the best way to go. The clean UI, bundled with habit tracking and Coaching plans make it a must try for all Lifehackers out there. I’ve been using it to track my biking recently. The progress bar that keeps a track of your ongoing streak helps a lot, just like Jerry Seinfleld’s Don’t break the chain productivity method for getting things done. Once you have a 12 day streak going, you really don’t want to break the chain and that ultimately motivates you to get out of the house and do something, even for a small amount of time.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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