How to Make iOS Reminders a Better Task Manager With GoodTask App

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If one of your main uses for your iPhone is to help you keep track of your tasks and organize them, then surely you must have seen plenty of to-do apps on the App Store. Here at Guiding Tech we have covered some of the most notable of them,

like Any.Do




This time, we’ll focus on a new app, named GoodTask, which provides a fresh focus on how to deal with your tasks and reminders.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at it.


Perhaps one of the things that stands out the most from GoodTask for iPhone ($4.99, universal) is that it takes its design seriously.

Instead of just applying a flat design for the sake of it, the app adopts it to simplify its elements and make it easier to use. For example, there are six main buttons on the app that stay persistent on each main screen. Using a simple and minimal style, GoodTask manages to keep these buttons present at all times without being obtrusive or making the screen seem cluttered, all while relegating every other option (like alarms and such) to the app’s menu.

This Week Day
This Week Options

The rest of the app remains consistent with this look, with simple icons and a very readable font, as well as keeping a common theme all across with bits of color here and there (on the tasks and the tasks’ lists) to put the focus where it matters.


Here is where GoodTask truly shines. Contrary to so many other to-do apps available out there, this task manager uses the iOS 7 native Reminders app as a backend. This is a very smart (and convenient) move, as the app’s developers don’t need to build a web or Mac native app, since everything is kept in sync via iCloud with the native Reminders application.

This Week Reminders

Within GoodTask, you can choose to create a new list to be added to Reminders or to use any existing one.

This Week Lists

Once you start using it, the smart approach to task management of GoodTask becomes instantly obvious: The app provides you with four different views of your tasks, all accessible within a tap from the bottom of the main screen. You can switch between a Monthly, Weekly or Daily view, which help you in focusing either on the big picture or just on the tasks at hand.

This Week Month
This Week Week
This Week Day1

Additionally, there is also a List view. This view shows you all your tasks grouped by lists, which is very handy if you just want to focus on the task and not on its due date.

This Week List

Adding tasks requires you to pull the screen down, while editing or viewing a task’s details requires you to just tap and hold on any task.

A couple of small, but really neat features of GoodTask are the app’s ability to keep track of your recurring tasks, so you know how well you are doing with those periodic assignments. The other nice feature of GoodTask is its search, which helps you find specific tasks easily.

This Week Keep Track


All in all, I found GoodTask to be the perfect ‘middle-ground’ between an advanced task manager and a very basic one, like Reminders. The fact that it builds upon Apple’s native app to offer a lot more options is plain genius, and allows for a task manager that can be as simple or as advanced as you need it to be. This one is definitely worth a look.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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