myMail: A Better Email Interface for Outlook, Yahoo on Android

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A few months ago, I

migrated from Gmail to Outlook

. Gmail fans might wonder why I’d move to a less feature-rich (supposedly) tool. Well the answer is simple. As Outlook was new in the market, I was able to pick up my

favourite email alias

, which was not available on Gmail. Plus I wanted to get out of my email comfort zone and try something different.

I was quiet happy with the transition only till I installed and used the official Outlook app on my Android. The app looked pathetic with no modern day features, not even the option pull down to refresh. It had sync issues and I used to get logged out every time I restarted my phone. To summarize, the app was an utter disgrace.

But as I managed to secure my favourite email alias, I didn’t want to switch back to Gmail just because of the app and that’s when I found myMail. myMail is an email manager app for Android and iOS devices in which we can configure almost any email account. I recommend it for and Yahoo Mail users because it’s better than the respective default apps.

So let’s have a look at how we can use the app to manage emails on our smartphones. As you will discover, the app boasts of some cool and unique features.

myMail for Android

After you download myMail and start the app for the first time, it will ask you to configure the first email account on the app. Depending upon the account you choose to configure, you will be asked to authenticate it. Google account users can use the built-in Android account services, while Yahoo and Microsoft users will have to provide their login credentials and accept the permissions required by the app to access email and contacts on your account. You can also configure your personal mail accounts using POP and SMTP configuration.

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Once you have configured an email account, you are good to go. It might take some time before the app syncs all the emails and dedicated folders you use to filter the emails. The first thing you will notice is the clean and minimal interface of the app along with the swipe gesture controls. You can simply swipe left to right from the edge of the screen to open the mailbox panel.

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myMail offers push notifications for new emails even if your email provider doesn’t provide the feature by default. The push notifications can be controlled from the app settings and can be turned off completely. If you follow a do not disturb plan, you can mute the push notifications for a specific time interval of the day. Just select the time of the day under the Receive Notifications section and save the settings. You can also hide the senders name and subject in the on-screen notifications to hide the privacy of the emails.

Added Features

myMail uses avatars and icons from your contacts so that you can easily figure out which of the emails is important and personal and which are not. If a contact doesn’t have a picture associated with it, it will show the first letter of the name in the avatar section, the feature we have seen the updated version of the Gmail app.


Swipe gestures on smartphones have been in vogue for quite sometime now, and myMail makes sure it follows the trend. When you swipe on any email from right to left, you will be presented with four options. With these options, you can easily unread, flag, move to another folder, delete or mark as spam. While composing an email, the app not only shows your contacts from the online address books, but also your local contacts from other accounts.


One thing I like about the app is the searching mechanism. It’s fast and unlike other email clients like Outlook and Yahoo, I didn’t have to manually look for the matching emails on the server. It was done automatically in the background by the app.


If you are using the official Gmail app on your Android, myMail is more or less the same. But for Outlook or Yahoo users, or if you are looking for an email manager for your personal account, myMail is probably the best you can get. With support of multiple accounts, it’s a one stop solution for all your mobile email needs.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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