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Christmas Apps

Christmas is definitely one of the busiest holidays of the year for most of us. It is without a doubt a fun season, but because of having so much to do during it, it can also be quite stressing. Thankfully, you can use your iOS device to get into the Christmas spirit at any time thanks to a bunch of great, free apps that are available during the holiday season.

Want to know about them? Here they are:

1. Christmas Doctor’s Office Hospital – Santa FREE

The idea behind Christmas Doctor’s Office Hospital is fairly simple: Santa (or other Christmas characters available via in-app purchases) are wounded and need you to heal them. To do that, you have to use any from the available medical tools you are provided with.

Christmas Doctors Office Main
Christmas Doctors Office Wounded

Besides healing, though, you can also check your patients’ health to try to prevent an ailment before you see it. Quite neat and very entertaining for both adults and children alike.

Christmas Doctors Office Temp
Christmas Doctors Office Healed

2. Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift

This one is easily one of the wackiest Christmas apps I have tried. In it, you are Santa’s hair dresser and have to take care of his beard and hair before the big holiday night. You have an array of salon tools that range from simple scissors to even a hair drier, a comb and more.

Toca Hair Salon Main
Toca Hair Salon Santa Normal

The neat thing about Toca Hair Salon is that almost every aspect of Santa’s face is up for customization. Want to make his hair purple? Got it. Want to make him bald or make his hair grow incredibly long? No problem! And all of this while he smiles and reacts to what you do. Definitely a fun app that fosters creativity.

Toca Hair Salon Santa Long
Toca Hair Salon Santa Short
Toca Hair Salon Santa None
Toca Hair Salon Santa New

3. Bubble Shooter Adventures: Santa’s Christmas Present

This game, as its name states, is a variation of the classic bubble shooting game that puts Christmas themes all over place.

Bubble Shooter Adventures Main
Bubble Shooter Adventures Shooting

You can set your difficulty level and then guide Santa in shooting colored balls to match other color and clear the screen. Simple, yet extremely addictive.

4. Santa Flow Christmas Puzzle Game

Another neat little Christmas game, Santa Flow puts you in the shoes of many Santas, all of whom you have to help deliver presents to children’s homes all over. What you have to do in this game is to guide each Santa to the house that matches his color without blocking the way for the others.

Santa Flow Main
Santa Flow Lab 1
Santa Flow Lab 2

At first the game stet fairly simple, but it soon becomes more challenging.

5. Christmas Toy Party Free

What’s not to like about an app that, instead of a single experience, offers you six different games in one. That’s exactly what Christmas Toy Party Free provides: It’s an app that combines no less than six classic games, all Christmas-themed for you to enjoy on the go.

Christmas Toy Party Main
Christmas Toy Party Games

The good thing about Christmas Toy Party is that the games go from the simple to the more challenging, making the app ideal for both parents and children.

Christmas Toy Party Game 1
Christmas Toy Party Game 2
Christmas Toy Party Game 3

Cool Tip: Every Christmas, some of the most popular games and apps (like Cut the Rope or card-creation apps for example) are updated with Christmas themes and levels. So make sure to check them out if you haven’t opened them for a while.

There you have them. These apps will easily keep you in a good mood all throughout the holidays, and since they are free, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try them out. So go ahead and get them!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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