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Brain Training I Phone Apps

One of the good things about smartphones is that being always at hand you can use them for almost anything, including

improving your health

and your skills.

In this entry we’ll take a look at a couple of really helpful and interesting iOS apps that can help you improve your brain and memory skills in short bursts of time without you having to spend a dime.

Let’s get started with them.


Without a doubt, one of the main strengths of Lumosity is the app’s ability to tailor its routine to each user’s needs. The app focuses on the five most important areas of brain performance: Memory, attention, flexibility, speed and problem solving.

Before even starting with your memory routine, Lumosity asks you a series of questions to determine the exact set of tests/games that will best help you improve your memory.

Lumosity Main
Lumosity Brain
Lumosity Questions 1
Lumosity Questions 2

Once you answer them and sign into the app (you can use either your email or Facebook for that), you can start playing a series of different games chosen for you, each of which helps improve specific areas of your memory and your brain. Examples of these games are comparing symbols and remembering patterns, although there are a lot more that unlock everyday plus even more that you can unlock if you become a paying member of Lumosity.

Lumosity Facebook Sign Up
Lumosity Game 1
Lumosity Game 2
Lumosity Games

Another of Lumosity’s strong points is that you can take your memory workouts with you on your iPhone and continue with them on your home computer through Lumosity’s website. Additionally, a very useful feature is that the app will keep track of your progress every day and provide you with a ‘big picture’ of how your week’s training was.

Lumosity Week Track

Fit Brains

With less games/exercises to choose from, Fit Brains for iPhone also takes a simpler approach to training your brain and memory, but at the same time this simplicity allows it to track your progress and results more precisely.

The app also requires to be signed in to it and provides access to a various training games once you do. Some of its games include following patterns, abstraction drills and such.

Fit Brains Games
Fit Brains Game 1
Fit Brains Game 2

Tracking your progress as your routine progresses is really easy, since the app provides a dedicated tab to do so.

Fit Brains Tracking

One of Fit Brains’ greatest features though, is that the app allows for multiple users. That means you can add all your family members as users and just pass your iPhone around to them for a few minutes every day for them to train. Once you do that, you can track the progress of all of them within a single app. Pretty convenient if you ask me.

Fit Brains Users

And that’s about it. Both of these apps are free and provide a much more complete experience if you become a paying member. However, even in their free versions they are more than enough for anyone to get some casual training done and get their brains and memory skills overall in much better shape, and just with a few minutes a day of use. So don’t hesitate and give them a try!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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