2 Unique and Effective Free Task Managers for iPhone

Task Planners

Task managers used to be something pretty straightforward in the past. However, since smartphones and tablets became a thing, you can find a simply astounding variety of them, each with its own unique approach to how you should manage your everyday tasks. In past entries we have already mentioned a couple of them, including Apple’s default

Reminders app for both iOS


the Mac


This time, we’ll talk about two free task managers for iPhone that stand out from the rest thanks to their unique approaches.

Let’s get going.

Time Planner

From the moment you start Time Planner, the app makes two things obvious: It wants you to manage your tasks in both a) a more stylish and b) a more informed way.

Tasks are created in the standard way that have you type the task itself. Additionally, you can also add a start and an end time and assign your task a category from among the available ones.

Time Planner Create
Time Planner Categories

Once your tasks are created, they show up neatly on the main screen, each color-coded depending on the category you choose and displaying their duration on the left side, which is pretty handy and helps you get a better picture of how your day will pan out.

Time Planner Ready

Time Planner has a few additional features too. Tap on the left menu button and you are given the option to display your tasks in different ways to get a better idea of how you manage your time.

Time Planner Views

For example, choosing the Calendar option allows you to see how your tasks are distributed across the current month. On the other hand, selecting the Charts option lets you check how much of your time each task takes when compared to others, while selecting the Efficiency option gives you an overview of how well you are managing your tasks.

Time Planner Charts
Time Planner Efficiency

As you might guess, these are all very useful views that provide you with a very clear picture of how you are you taking care of your tasks.

On the downside, all these options might prove a bit too much if all you want is a clean and simple way to keep record of your tasks. But that’s what the next app is for.


On the opposite side of the spectrum when compared to Time Planner, Begin for iPhone is a simple task manager that keeps things focused on one screen.

Begin Main

The nice thing about Begin is that it keeps things focused by showing you the tasks you have pending for the current day and the following one. The ones you missed the day before are also displayed on the main screen, only that they are located at the bottom and highlighted in red.

Begin Uncompleted

Swiping tasks moves them across lists, deletes them or marks them as completed. Simple as that, but also effective and clutter-free if that’s what you are looking for.

Begin Swipe 1
Begin Swipe 2

All in all, both Begin and Time Planner are great alternatives for anyone looking for a capable iPhone task manager. The great thing about them (besides both being free) is that they offer two almost completely different approaches, so you are bound to find at least something interesting in any of these apps. So try them and find out!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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