3 Missing Features On OS X Mavericks and How To Get Them Back

Os X Mavericks Missing Features


OS X Mavericks

 Apple added several

new features

to the Mac, both large and small. But if you were a long-time user of any of the previous versions of OS X, then you might have noticed that some features or functionalities were lost in the upgrade.

However, this might not be the case for every missing feature. In fact, it is very likely that that particular feature or functionality that you miss is just buried under your Mac’s settings.

Let’s take a look at the most common of these that have been changed/deactivated in OS X Mavericks and how to get them back.

Keep the Same View On Specific Finder Windows

In past entries we already mentioned some of the major changes the Finder went through in OS X Mavericks. A small but important change, though, is that you have to manually set which view you want for every particular Finder window.

To do this, open any Finder window you want and select the view you prefer on its toolbar. Then, on your Mac’s menu bar, click on View and choose Show View Options.

Show View Options

Now, on the panel that shows up, check the corresponding checkbox to make that Finder window always open in that view.

Always Open View

Get the ‘Swipe Between Pages’ Gesture Back On Your Magic Mouse

If you have an Apple’s Magic Mouse, you will agree that it works just beautifully with gestures on your Mac. In fact, when navigating through websites in Safari, one of the most useful ones is to swipe one finger left or right on the Magic Mouse to swipe between pages. However, this gesture was disabled by default on OS X Mavericks.

To get it back, open your Mac’s Preferences and click on Mouse.

Preferences Mouse

After that, select the rightmost tab (More Gestures) and check the checkbox next to Swipe between pages.

Swipe Between Pages

Granting Access to Accessibility Options

There are a few Mac applications that usually need special permissions to access some of your Mac’s information or functionalities in order to perform as intended (DragThing and Skype in this example). This is especially important for accessibility features, since in some cases you will need the app to have control over your Mac.

Before though, you just granted access to these apps when you started them and that was all. However, in OS X Mavericks, you will need to go a step further in order to grant them access to any accessibility feature.

To do so, on your Mac’s preferences click on Security & Privacy.

Security And Privacy

Once there, click on the Privacy tab and scroll down on the list on the left until you find the Accessibility section. Click on it and then check all the apps you want to grant access to your Mac’s accessibility features.


And there you have them. If you missed any of these features before, now you know how to get them back. And there are definitely more like these just waiting for you to find them. If we do, you can be sure we’ll let you know.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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