Evomail and Molto: 2 Nice Alternatives to iPhone’s Mail App

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If there is one kind of app that the iPhone (and iOS devices in general) lack, it is mail clients. Not that this is a bad thing, especially since Apple’s native Mail app does a great job managing various email accounts. In fact,

in a past entry

we already compared it to Sparrow, a great third party app that offered quite a few additional features for iPhone owners.

However, since Sparrow was acquired by Google, the app has barely seen any updates, which makes the app somewhat unreliable. Thankfully, there are a couple of new iPhone email clients around that are more than capable and, best of all, that are completely free of charge.

Let’s take a look at them.


Like every modern email client, Evomail supports all major email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo and iCloud, as well as other IMAP accounts. Setting up your email accounts is fairly easy and the app also integrates seamlessly with your contacts. The most important aspect of Evomail though, is its approach to email as tasks, something that while not new is still very convenient for those who have to deal with a large number of messages.

Evomail Accounts
Evomail Check1
Evomail X1

Once you are presented with your email, Evomail provides a series of novel gestures to manage your messages. Swipe any message to the left to delete it or to the right to mark it as done. Once within a message, swiping to the right lets you forward it, while a left swipe brings up the reply window.

Evomail Forward And Reply

Holding the compose button shows all your recent drafts which is definitely a handy feature. Another unique and very convenient option in Evomail is the ability to trigger a full screen view while within any message. This can be specially convenient for iPhone 4 or 4S users, since the screen on those devices is smaller than the one on the iPhone 5 or 5S.

Integration with your email accounts is good, and the amount of options Evomail offers is also respectable.

Evomail Main
Evomail Options

On the other hand, the app suffers from a few noticeable bugs, like deleted email messages popping up again on your inbox or the UI not responding as intended sometimes. Labels are also a bit messy, which makes the app perhaps not the most reliable for power email users.


Relatively new to the App Store, Molto also integrates with most of the popular email services, including Hotmail and Outlook, which are sometimes not supported by other apps.

Molto Accounts

The big novelty that Molto brings to the email app game is its fresh look and modern interface. It also comes with a series of new gestures to manage your email. For example, you can delete a message by just swiping it to the right, or you can tap on anyone’s avatar to bring up a few actions, like replying a message, starring it, marking it as unread, deleting it, printing it and more.

Molto Main
Molto Delete
Molto Options

Another unique feature of Molto is its cool filtering system, which lets you separate your personal messages from those related to social networks and other services. Additionally, you can also “quick-reply” to messages, which is a very handy feature to reply to an email while on the go.

Molto Filters
Molto Quick Reply

All in all, Molto performed more very well with a few email accounts. Its look and interface is probably not for everyone though. Try it out and see if it appeals to you. Worked well in my tests.

So there you have them. As you can see, each of these iPhone email clients provides a dramatically different experience. Thankfully, in both cases you don’t have to pay anything at all to get them on your iPhone, so there’s no reason not to try both.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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