3 Free, Fun and Spooky iPhone Games to Enjoy Halloween

Halloween Games

Halloween draws near, and that usually means tricks, treats and lots of candy. But that’s not all, it also means you can watch a horror movie or even better, enjoy some great Halloween

games on your iPhone

that can be just as scary and fun.

Here are three different iPhones games that are completely free, that fit the Halloween mood perfectly and are ideal for playing on the go.

Let’s check them out.

1. Shadow Vamp

The moment you open Shadow Vamp on your iPhone, you will be wondering how such a great looking game could be free.

The game uses a very clever mechanic that puts you in the shoes of a vampire that, after a late-night feeding party, realizes that it is already daytime, which makes it almost impossible for him to return to his crypt since the sunlight will certainly kill him.

Shadow Vamp
Shadow Vamp Main

So what you have to do is to turn the entire level to lay a path of shadows so that the vampire can walk along them and not get killed by the scorching sun.

Shadow Vamp Burn

The game is a clever mix of puzzle and shadow-manipulation and all that mixed with a creepy atmosphere.

Shadow Vamp Goal

2. Halloween 13

Halloween 13 is the perfect game to sit down and relax a few minutes every day while you wait for October 31st. The app features 13 ‘challenges’ in the form of mini games, which you have to complete in order (the last challenges unlock each every day until the 31st).

Halloween 13 Main
Halloween 13 Challenges

Each mini game is fairly simple and earns you rewards (which tend to be other nice free games) once you complete them. The perfect pick-up-and-play experience for the Halloween season.

Halloween 13 Challenge 1
Halloween 13 Reward

3. The Walking Dead: Episode 1

One of the most amazing things about The Walking Dead, is that you can fit this award winning game in the palm of your hands.

Considered almost unanimously 2012’s game of the year, this game tells a really deep story about a soon-to-be convict that witnesses the apocalypse and ends up taking care of a small child in a world infested with zombies.

The Walking Dead Main
The Walking Dead Lee

The game is composed of five episodes and the first one is completely free for iOS device owners. Each of these lasts between 3 – 4 hours, so even if you don’t get the rest, you will have plenty of fun with the game’s great narrative and gameplay mechanics.

The Walking Dead Ep 1

Speaking (writing?) of which, the meat of the game has you making decisions (via multiple choice answers) and fighting zombies, all using touch controls. If you like amazing stories and the occasional fight against the undead, then this game will definitely keep you entertained.

The Walking Dead Choices
The Walking Dead Zombie

And there you have them. Feel free to download all of these games and try them out one by one. Depending on which you choose, you will have either the most fun or the scariest Halloween. Enjoy!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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