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You may love to read books, but a much easier method of absorbing information is to simply sit back and listen! Audiobooks let you do just that. Lots of books have been converted to audio either by a speaker manually or by a computer program. Either way, their hard work pays off for you to enjoy books when you’re walking/running/etc. so that all you need are headphones.

We’ve gathered 10 websites that are great for finding free audiobooks. Some of these sites include paid books, but they all have a good enough selection of freely available works for your pleasure.

1. AudioBooksForFree.com

The name says it all. Visit AudioBooksForFree for tons of audiobook downloads. Find titles in both fiction and non-fiction with an entirely separate section on books for children.

Here are some the categories that are provided:


2. LightspeedMagazine.com


Find science fiction and fantasy stories at Lightspeed Magazine. More specifically, you can find urban tales, folktales, and epic fantasy among others. You can read or listen to all of these books directly from the site or subscribe to the iTunes podcast here.

Click here to jump right to their science fiction section or here for fantasy.

3. Librophile.com


Visit this link to find free audiobooks on Librophile. This website helps you find free and legal audiobooks you can listen to online or download for offline use. Librophile searches other websites to find the book you’re looking for, which you can do either from a desktop PC a mobile device.

You’ll find books on biography, economics, education, horror, myths, and several others.


Select Free from the right side of the page and then choose any category to filter the results.

4. Kids.LearnOutLoud.com


Visit this page to download or stream audio for kids. Anything from history and politics to travel and technology can be found. Also learn about science and business from the many other categories.

Browse books that are appropriate for only a select age group or choose a category to look through.


There are also free audiobooks with similar categories for older folks on the same site at this link.

5. BooksShouldBeFree.com

Find public domain audiobooks at Books Should Be Free. There are many categories to browse through, with some prominent ones being forchildren, those interested in mystery, and even some poetry audiobooks.

Download any book in MP3 format or stream it from the site directly.


View every category available at this link or listen to a book on the top 100 list.

6. OpenCulture.com


Download 550 free audiobooks at Open Culture. Most of these link to external sites like YouTube or other audio streaming services, but there is quite a selection.


Learn about downloading e-books in PDF and other formats by following this link.

7. ClassicTales.Libsyn.com


Visit The Classic Tales Podcast for unabridged classics. A direct link is available for downloading every audio file right beneath its title. Search for an author to find their specific title, as there are only two categories to choose from.

8. Podiobooks.com


Browse through titles at Podiobooks to find audio files in over 35 categories. Maybe you enjoy history, romance, or thriller. Search through these sections and others to find an easy-to-use interface for playing the audio.

Choose any chapter to quickly open the audio file and stream it right from the browser. You can also right-click and save the chapter locally as a regular MP3 file.


9. Ejunto.org


Listen to biographies and other works regarding American history figures at Ejunto. There aren’t too many categories, but there are some popular works like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and The Social Contract.

Listen in the browser or download a file as an MP3 like so:


10. LibriVox.org


LibriVox has tons of books available in a huge list of categories. Filter results by author, title, genre, or language. Among the vault of categories includes children’s fiction, classics, travel fiction, crime, dramatic readings, and humorous fiction. There are both streaming and downloading  option for audiobooks here.


Cool Tip: Learn how to automatically extract downloaded ZIP files with this guide.

Pick a few of these sites and you’ll be bound to find something you enjoy. With so many categories across all of these places, maybe your favorite book is hidden away somewhere.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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