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A Windows theme can show your uniqueness and creativity if you build your own, but there are also tons you get download from other people. We looked at building your own theme here, so now we’ll take a look at what others have to offer.

We’ve gathered 15 spectacular themes for Windows 8. Be it animals of all sorts or wonders of the sky, it’s all in here. Each theme has one of the backgrounds listed here but you can choose the download link for any of them to see what it is you’ll be downloading before you actually get it. These are all free Windows 8 themes, so take them individually or even download them all at once at the bottom of this page.

1. Nightfall and Starlight

Untitled 1

This Windows 8 theme can be downloaded here and has 9 images. You’ll find mountains and galaxies that expand all the way across your screen. These are designed for dual monitor setups but still look great on a single screen.

2. Beautiful Birds

Untitled 1 Copy3

Available from Microsoft here, this theme has 17 wonderful shots of birds. Some are in-flight while others are still. Each provides a glimpse into the beauty of these creatures. They’ll look great on a nice big, bright screen. Some images include swans, peacocks, and other exotic birds.

3. Changing Seasons

Screen Shot 2015 04 15 At 3 08 00 Pm Result

Download 17 images that correspond with the different seasons here. You’ll find warm leaves, chilly frost, delicate blossoms, and vibrant berries and blooms in these wonderful backgrounds. These are suitable all year round without the need to swap our themes.

Cool Tip: Don’t just include new themes in Windows 8, but also learn how you can personalize the start menu here.

4. Nordic Landscapes

Screen Shot 2015 04 15 At 3 10 47 Pm Result

This theme, which you can grab here, shows off the best of the nordic landscapes.

5. African Wildlife

With 14 wildlife images, this theme will make you feel like you’re on a safari! Journey through the African plains and waters with this brilliant theme. You can find the great animals like elephants and lions or the small ones like meerkats and hyenas.

6. Eerie Autumn

Untitled 1 Copy7

If you’re in the mood for some scary wallpapers, consider getting this theme that includes 15 ghostly creatures and scenes. Maybe not beautiful in the classical sense. You can find pumpkins, frightening trees, and ghost towns. Notice the change in system sounds when you use this theme. Perfect for Halloween!

7. Nature’s Grace

Screen Shot 2015 04 15 At 3 14 02 Pm Result

Get this nature theme for 8 rather soft nature images. You could stare at these all day to grasp the stillness of the land, water, and sky.

8. Nature Macros

Screen Shot 2015 04 15 At 3 15 27 Pm Result

In contrast with the previous theme, this one details nature up close. Forget the mighty structures of the sky and land and focus on the small, complex geometry of these 6 plants and flowers.

9. Halo : Reach

Screen Shot 2015 04 15 At 3 18 00 Pm Result

Ignite the Xbox nerd in you with this theme. You’ll receive 12 stunning backgrounds from the poular Halo : Reach game.

10. Milky Way

Screen Shot 2015 04 15 At 3 20 21 Pm Result

Milky Way is a theme of the brilliant structures of the sky. Cycle through these 32 backgrounds for a confirmation of just how small you are.

11. Lovebirds

Screen Shot 2015 04 15 At 3 22 28 Pm Result

Sometimes the simple things in life help us pull things together and see the greater picture. Grab this theme here for 5 artistic and romantic backgrounds.

12. Cityscapes

Untitled 1 Copy13

This theme contains 7 images of different parts of the world. Find Hong Kong, London, and other locations together in this one theme. Designed for a dual display environment, the long backgrounds will bring these locations to life in an instant.

13. Sugar and Spice

Untitled 1 Copy14

Find this mouth-watering image in this theme here with 8 other scrumptious backgrounds. These will surely get you in the mood for the holidays.

14. Bing Anniversary

Screen Shot 2015 04 15 At 3 27 11 Pm Result

Download this theme to gather 13 spectacular sights that have graced the Bing front page. Whether you like water, open land, or mountains – this theme can be accepted by anyone.

15. Diffusion

Untitled 1 Copy16

Download this theme here to get 13 beautiful abstract designs. Find smoke figures of different colors bursting forth with life right before your eyes. The Windows color for this theme is a light blue.


These theme collections will catch anyone’s eye when walking past your computer. Grab one for any time of the year or select a specific one for your own interests – there should be one here suitable for anyone.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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