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To some degree, we all are fans of books. Be it of just a couple that got our attention years ago or of an entire library that we keep consuming even nowadays. No matter where in this spectrum you are though, you will be glad to now that there are a few iPhone apps that you can use to test your knowledge of books and that won’t cost you a dime and all the while having some fun.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. LitBound

Of the book quiz apps on our list, LitBound for iPhone is perhaps the most “beginner-friendly”. Once you open the app, you are presented with a list of different categories, which include current best sellers, children’s books, graphic novels and even a films category if you get tired of books.

Once you select one, the app presents a series of very colorful and original pictures in tile form giving you a hint of the book you are being quizzed about. Below that, you have a set of empty tiles and a group of seemingly random letters, which you have to use to guess the book’s title correctly.

Lit Bound Categories
Lit Bound Main

If you are stuck on a quiz, LitBound gives you the option to display only the useful letters, to show you the author’s name and even to give you a hint about the book’s title, all available by paying with the in-app currency which you can buy through the app. Although, the more correct answers you get, the more currency you are given at no cost, so it is actually possible to play through the whole game without spending any money.

Lit Bound Perfect
Lit Bound Main 2

2. Big Book Quiz

Compared to LitBound, Big Book Quiz for iPhone offers a mechanic that, while similar, is a bit more challenging. Instead of categories, the app is divided in different ‘stages’, each of which contains books that range from the more popular to more obscure titles as you progress through them.

Big Book Quiz Category
Big Book Quiz Main

Instead of having to guess a book’s name though, you have to enter its author. For this, Big Book Quiz cleverly removes the authors from the book covers, showing them to you in full.

Big Book Quiz Hints
Big Book Quiz Done

You can also make use of hints or even request help from your Facebook or Twitter friends without leaving the app, which keeps the app from being a frustrating experience.

3. English Literature Fun Quiz

As its name suggests, English Literature Fun Quiz is all about classic works in English. Using this app is very simple, yet it is also the app with the hardest quizzes of the ones listed in this article. Instead of having you guess book titles or authors by looking at its covers or other images, English Literature Fun Quiz shows you entire snippets of selected books and asks you to guess the name of the book where they come from from the options at the bottom of the screen.

English Literature Fun Quiz 1
English Literature Fun Quiz 2

This time though, there are no hints or any help available, so you have to have a lot of luck or really know the book through and through to get an answer right, so this quiz app is definitely not recommended for casual readers.

English Literature Fun Quiz 3
English Literature Fun Quiz 4

There you have them. The best thing about all these quiz apps is that they are completely free, so you can try them all and go from the most approachable one to the most challenging one as you improve your knowledge of books. Enjoy them!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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