Get Extra Windows Tweaks and Shortcuts With 7Plus

7plus is a nifty tool which can add some really cool tweaks to your Windows computer. They include various windows keyboard shortcuts to perform routine tasks and options like uploading selected file from explorer to FTP server with a keyboard  shortcut.

Download the zip file to your computer. Extract it and open the 7Plus.exe file. It will ask you to configure settings from the 7plus settings panel. On settings panel, you will get different tabs. Let’s take a look on them one by one.

In first tab which is known as Explorer 1, you will find different check boxes. The functions are written beside each box. There is a keyboard shortcut for creating new file and folders, copy filenames, go backward and upward in the explorer window etc. Check the ones you think would save you time.


Now, to see the program in action, I went to a folder inside my D drive. When I pressed F8 key, a new folder was created, and when I pressed F7 key, a new text document was created. Time saving, isn’t it?


Explorer 2 window also contains many tweaks. If you move to the Windows tab, which is pretty interesting, you will find options to launch and close programs.

There are options like double clicking on empty taskbar area to run a program and middle click on title bar to close a program. Also when you move the mouse pointer to upper left corner, Aero flip 3D will appear (only for Vista and Windows 7 users).


The other fascinating feature is loading file to FTP server using a keyboard shortcut. Go to the FTP tab, enter the credentials of your FTP server and click OK. Now go to explorer window and click on any folder. Press “Ctrl+U” button and that file or folder will be uploaded to the server. No need of any FTP client.



  • Windows tweaks and keyboard shortcuts generator. More than 30 tweaks available.
  • Portable, you can take it anywhere in USB drive.
  • Runs on both 32 bit and 64 bit version of Windows.
  • Sits in the tray when closed.
  • You can stop it from working by right clicking on its tray icon and selecting “Pause Script”.
    Download 7Plus to add extra tweaks and shortcuts to Windows. [Thanks Amit].

Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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