Monitor and Save Clipboard Text on Windows for Easy Recovery

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I’m sure we all frequently save text for one purpose or another. I always find myself copying whole paragraphs, URLs, definitions, email content etc. for use in other applications. When something is copied, it’s sent to the Windows clipboard. When something else is copied, the previous content is then overwritten to make the new content available. This is a default action Windows takes because it has no means to extract old clipboard data.

Ethervane Echo is an extender for the default clipboard that saves every text entry you ever save. Instead of copying data to a notepad application for later use, just install Echo to retrieve the old text items. There are different sections of Echo that help categorize the content. For example, text saved from within a browser window will be listed in it’s own section called Browsers. You can also save regularly used clips – thus called Sticky clips – to a unique location to avoid accidental deletion. There are some other cool features we’ll look at below.

Manage Windows Clipboard Items With Echo

Begin by downloading and installing Echo from this link.

After installing Echo, the program is automatically minimized. Restore the full application from the notification center.


Immediately, anything that has been copied since the install is located in the main window. Double click any entry to send it to the clipboard.


Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple entries and then send the regular copy command of Ctrl + C to send all the selected entries to the clipboard. The result of the copy will include any formatting that the original copy contained. So any bold, italic, underlined, or hyperlinked text will also be copied.

If, however, you send the keys Shift + Ctrl + C, only the plain text format will be copied.


Note: Whether you pull the copied text with or without formatting, the original text that was sent to Echo will be retained until it’s removed.

Instant search is a phenomenal feature if you have lots of text. Just start typing in the search area to find the text.


If you’ve accidentally copied something and it’s cluttering up the list, press the Delete key or right-click and choose Delete from the menu.


Create what’s called Sticky clips to ensure particular clipboard contents aren’t removed. Press Ctrl + S on any entry to save it in the Sticky tab.


If attempting to delete a Sticky clip from the Default tab, the entry will not budge. You must remove the Sticky status on an entry to have the option of deleting it from the Default section.


The other sections on the bottom present categories for easier tracking of the clips. For example, any URL copied will be placed in the URLs section. Choose Browsers to find all the clips that were created in a browser.


To change the settings of any section, choose Ctrl + Q while in the particular section or just right-click the name of the section and choose Quick View Properties.


The Filters tab explains what the tab shall identify as a clip that should be categorized in the Browsers section. Add any new filter with the Add filter button.


We’re going to add the Safari browser as a filter because it’s not set by default as one of the applications.

Choose Application from the filter menu.


Now change the AppName value to the executable Safari uses to run, which is Safari.exe. Then ensure the ExactMatch option is toggled to True.

Click OK to save. Now every time something is copied from the Safari browser


You can easily back up all the clips if you’re migrating computers or just as a safety measure. Highlight all the clips with Ctrl + A and then choose the Tools > Export Selected Clips menu item.


The selected entries will now appear as a simple list in a text file.


You can then import any backup with the Tools > Import Clips > Import From Text File option.


If you always find yourself opening a notepad application to temporarily save clipboard text, it’s time to stop. Echo does a wonderful job at keeping things organized and right at your fingertips for instant use.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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