6 Best iOS Productivity Apps Improved and Updated For iOS 7

I Os 7 Productivity Apps

With iOS 7, Apple imposed a new design language for all app developers. With it, Apple encourages minimal design, flat icons, layouts and more. However, not all apps have been updated, and many of the ones that haven’t either crash or fail to take advantage of all the new features that iOS 7 has to offer. This is definitely not ideal if you use your iPhone with productivity in mind, since even the tiniest additions to a productivity app can prove greatly beneficial.

With that in mind, here we have created a list of six of great productivity apps that have already taken the leap and embraced iOS 7, gaining a lot in the process.

Let’s take a look at them and at why you should consider using them if you haven’t yet.

1. Calvetica

Of all the apps in this list, Calvetica is perhaps the one that improved the most with its new iOS 7 version. Besides adding a fresh and even more minimal look, the developers of this great calendar app also streamlined a few of its menus and completely removed the app’s Reminders section as well, making it even faster and simpler.

Calvetica Main
Calvetica Create Event

On top of that, they added better multi-calendar support and a new Detailed Week view that summarizes all your week’s events in a small space.

Calvetica Menu
Calvetica Detailed Week

2. Clear+

Contrary to the new Calvetica, which comes as a simple, free update for current owners, Clear+ is sold as an entirely new app. Owners of the original version of this to-do app can still use it with iOS 7 without issues, but you will have to get Clear+ if you want to benefit from the features of this new app.

Easily the most important feature of Clear+ is that it is now universal, which means that it also comes with native iPad support. Additionally, another small but important change is that the to-do app now supports dynamic fonts, so if you set your iPhone to have larger or smaller fonts, Clear+ will adapt to this change as well.

Clear Large Font
Clear Small Font

3. Reeder

We have already reviewed the new version of Reeder adapted to iOS 7 (not a free update). It brings some cool new gestures and, most importantly, support for various feed clients besides the defunct Google Reader. There is not much else to say other than that it remains the best news feed app on iOS 7 devices.

Reeder Main Folder List
Reeder Feeds List
Reeder Mark As Read
Reeder Read

4. Instapaper

Instapaper was also updated for iOS 7 not too long ago (thankfully, it is a free update) and it brought a few nice changes. To start, its backgrounds are better and make text more readable. Additionally, now the app offers more options when it comes to manage your articles while on list view.

Instapaper Article
Instapaper Article List
Instapaper Options

Last but not least though, Instapaper’s most important change that takes advantage of iOS 7’s new capabilities is that the app now (finally) supports background updates, so you don’t need to wait for new articles to load every time you open the app.

5. Google Translate

For a while, it seemed that Google would never update its translation app to support the iPhone 5. However, not only did they update it for the new iPhones’ longer screens, but it also comes with a fresh iOS 7 look.

Google Translate Main

In addition to its minimal design, Google Translate also offers the option for voice input in three different languages, as well as allowing you to use handwriting as an input method.

Google Translate Languages
Google Translate Handwriting

6. Konvert

Last (but not least) of all, we have Konvert, ($0.99) a unit conversion app that uses iOS 7 as a base for its simple design. All navigation within the app is just one tap away and, best of all, contrary to most conversion apps on iOS 7 which tend to clutter their interfaces by doubling as calculators, this app stays simple by sticking to its main purpose.

Konvert Units
Konvert Main

There you go. If you use iOS 7 and any of the productivity apps you used to enjoy is stuck in the past, make sure to try some of the above.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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