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Free Simple Mac Video Converters

For every computer user, enjoying video is usually a pretty important aspect of what they use their computers for. Because of this, it is important to always be able to tweak and convert the videos you like so you can always have them on any of the devices you own, be it your Mac, PC, your smartphone or any other portable device.

For Macs though, video conversion software is not as abundant as for Windows users, and in most cases we end up thinking that the only way to convert video is through advanced software like Handbrake for example. Thankfully, there are some video conversion apps for Mac that are not only extremely easy to use, but that are also completely free and easy to find via the Mac App Store.

Here is a look at the top 3 free and easiest-to-use video conversion apps for Mac users.

1. Smart Converter

Out of the bunch of converters that we’ll show you today, Smart Converter is easily the simplest and most hassle-free one. Literally, you just have to open the app, drag the video file you want to convert into its window, click on the desired output format and press Convert.

Smart Converter 1
Smart Converter 2

The app supports some of the most important devices, so it’s almost a sure thing your preferred device is supported as well.

Smart Converter Devices

Sadly though, with something as simple as this, it is expected that some features would be sacrificed. In this case, the app does no more than what it promises, so if you wanted features like subtitle support or better audio management in your videos, then you are out of luck.

Smart Converter Conversion Done

2. Free Video Converter

While it sports the word ‘Free’ on its name, Free Video Converter is anything but. It can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store of course, but it works and performs even better than some paid apps when it comes to converting video files.

Free Video Converter Main

Just as with our previous app, Free Video Converter allows you to convert videos by simply dragging and dropping them on the app’s window. However, the main strength of Free Video Converter is that it offers far more conversion formats and other options while losing none of its simplicity.

The range of devices and formats in which the app outputs video is simply surprising and includes devices even generations old, as well as a series of less-used video formats, like WMV, MOV and such.

Free Video Converter Video Formats 1
Free Video Converter Video Formats 2
Free Video Converter Video Formats 3

Another great additional feature of Free Video Converter is that it allows you to include your video’s embedded subtitles in the conversion, as well as letting you choose the audio you want your final video file to be in. These two are worth mentioning mainly because they are particularly tricky to accomplish even with more advanced video, although I have to add that, strangely it didn’t work in all occasions.

Free Video Converter Subs
Free Video Converter Video Converted

3. Next Video Converter Express

Last on our list is Next Video Converter Express. This video converting app sits somewhere in between our first two options. To start, it provides the same simple drag and drop functionality as other apps, and it also comes packed with a nice set of formats to output videos into.

Next Video Converter Express Formats 1
Next Video Converter Express Formats 2

There are two aspects where the app excels though: It allows you to see your videos while it converts them and, most importantly, it also allows you to merge videos, which is great when you have several small videos that belong to one long clip.

Next Video Converter Express Coverting
Next Video Converter Express Merged

If I have one gripe with this app though, is that sooner or later it will embed a watermark on your videos asking you to purchase the PRO version ($9.99). But other than that, it was always easy to use and worked well most of the time.

Next Video Converter Express Watermark

So that’s that. Hope you enjoy these video conversion apps. Make sure you give them a try, they are free, so there’s nothing to lose.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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