CloseAll Closes All Open Program Windows In One Click

If you’ve got a huge number of applications open and you want to close all of them for some reason, then doing that one by one would be time consuming. Of course you could just log off or shut down, but that’s not the point. There should be a way to quickly get rid of all the open program windows and start afresh.

CloseAll is a smart utility which lets you close all the open programs and windows in one click. It’s just 9KB in size and portable i.e you don’t need to install it.

Just double click on Closeall.exe after extracting it from the zip file and it will start working. Yes, it is that simple.

Smart ways to use CloseAll

Here are two nice tricks to use this program effectively.

1) Add to quick launch or taskbar in Windows 7

Add the program to quick launch area so that you don’t need to search it anywhere else on your computer. Right click on the CloseAll.exe file and select the option “Add to quick launch”. You can also pin it to the start menu by selecting option “Pin to start menu”. (The screenshots are for Vista. For Windows 7, you could pin it in a similar way to the taskbar)


You will see the icon in quick launch area.


2) Keyboard shortcut

One other way to launch this application is by assigning it a keyboard shortcut. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to any Windows application by following these steps.

Right click on the CloseAll.exe file, from the context menu select Send to -> Desktop(create shortcut).


You will see a desktop shortcut for the application. Now right click on it and select “Properties” from the menu.


Go to Shortcut tab. Under Shortcut key area, you will find “None” in the box next to it. Click on the box and press any letter on the keyboard. If you press letter “C” then a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C will get assigned to the application. Click OK button.


Now you can close all the running application windows by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+C” on the keyboard.

Download CloseAll to quickly close all the open app windows.

Last updated on 05 February, 2022

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