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Those who use MS Outlook as their desktop email client must have also learned that




play an important role in structuring and organizing your inboxes. The feature lets you

create actions that are applied to incoming messages

. And, based on matching conditions they can be moved to specified folders,

replied to automatically

and a lot more.

In short, they help you reduce manual effort. Now, chances are always there that you end up losing these rules due to some malfunction.

These rules are stored as part of your outlook profile. And, any harm or loss of profile can kill the set of rules that you accumulated over time.

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So, if you heavily rely on Outlook email rules, you should consider taking a backup so that you can always import them if you were to lose them. In this post we will learn how to export/back up and import MS Outlook rules.

Backup, Export, Import File Type: MS Outlook rules are backed up as *.rwz files.

To perform any of the two actions follow the steps below. Our tutorial is based out of MS Outlook 2013. The steps would be pretty much same on lower versions.

Step 1: Navigate to the File menu on the ribbon and open it.

Ms Outlook File

Step 2: You will be taken to Account Information page. Click on Manage Rules & Alerts icon.

Manage Rules Alerts1

Step 3: The Rules and Alerts dialog will open. Click on the Options button.

Rules Alerts Options

Step 4: Based on what you wish to do, scroll to one of the two sections describes below.

How to Export Outlook Email Rules

Once you are on the Options dialog, click on Export Rules button.

Export Rules

Then, choose a storage location, give the file an appropriate name and Save it. Exporting rules and saving a local copy is equivalent to taking a backup.

Save Rules

Note: If you want to export rules that are only compatible to previous versions of MS Outlook, then choose the appropriate file type.

Save Rules Options

How to Import the Rules

Once you are on the Options dialog, click on Import Rules button.

Import Rules

Then, navigate to the location where the backup or exported file is stored. Choose the correct file and click Open.

Select Rule

Note: If you are using an older version of MS Outlook then you may want to import rules that are only compatible with that tool. In such a case, select the .rwz file and then choose the appropriate file type.


Next time your profile encounters a malfunction and you end up losing the rules you had created over time, you have no reason to worry. Now you know how to back them up.

Also, if you wish to uninstall the software and install again, the feature might be the thing you needed. Besides, taking rules from one machine to another or sharing with friends and family can get easier.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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