5 Free Sites to Send Large Files Easily, No Sign Up Needed


File transfer services are necessary when email can no longer serve as as a sharing medium. Most email servers limit attachment sizes to under 10 or 20 MB, making transferring lots of files at once impossible. Fortunately, there are plenty of services available as a substitute. Some of these services are only available for paid members while others are open to guest use.

I think it’s important to not have to wait for a file to be uploaded because you have to first sign up for an account and then wait for a confirmation email to begin transferring files. If you need to transfer files for free, choose one of these five websites. None of these services require an account to be setup, so you can begin transferring immediately.

Also, each of these 5 free file transfer sites has certain unique features. Let’s check them out.

1. JustBeamIt.com


Visit JustBeamIt.com to transfer files directly to another person without logging in or waiting of any sort. Click the umbrella on the main page to browse for a file or just drag and drop it on the page. When the file is loaded, click Create Link. Keep the window open and then share the link.

The other person needs only to click the download icon to get the file. The sender of the file can view the progress on his own page to know when the transfer has completed.

2. FileConvoy.com


Choose more than one file to transfer at a time with FileConvoy. You can also select an expiration date to ensure the file isn’t downloaded past your desired limits. This option is under Step 3.


Click Upload and the URL to share will display only once. Be sure to copy this link before you exit the window.

Cool Tip: See how you can share files from an Android with WhatsApp and SMS.

3. Jetbytes.com


Jetbytes is super quick to use. Click Choose File and then share the download link. Sometimes you’re tempted to make sure the link works by trying it out in your own browser before sharing it. Don’t do this with Jetbytes, as the download link is good for only one use.


Note: You can also send files over the Internet with WeTransfer.

4. PipeBytes.com


I enjoy PipeBytes (UPDATE: This tool is not available anymore) because a message can be include with the file transfer. If there are small instructions for the person to follow, this is a great place to include them. Or maybe a description of what the file is.

Load the file with the Choose File button and then send the resulting URL to the user.


Alternatively, choose a Code to share for Step 2 and then have the other person enter it at PipeBytes’ website and then choose Pickup File.


5. FilesToFriends.com


FilesToFriends has a Plus account but the free version allows up to 1 GB file transfers without signing up. Instead of sharing a URL, enter your own email address and then include the contacts to send the link to under the Friend’s Email section. Include multiple addresses with a comma between them. You can also include a message for the recipients to view before downloading.

If you do want to view the URL, it will be shown in your browser after sending the message.



Any one of these sites should be sufficient for most of us to transfer files. However, an exception may occur when you need to send really large files, as some of these sites have limitations. Whether that may be or not, transferring is quick because no accounts need to be set up to use them.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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