How to Create Web Galleries and Calendar Using iPhoto for Mac

Alvaro Bernedo

IPhoto FeaturesIn past entries we have discussed a few tips for taking advantage of Apple’s neat iPhoto application. However, this photo manager/basic editor is packed with several features that are not always known to us Mac users.

In this entry, we explore a couple of them that might come in handy in some particular situations. First, we learn how to create your own web galleries using iPhoto, which can be used for sharing or for hosting it on your own site. Then, we explore the steps to create a calendar using you iPhoto library.

Let’s get started.

Create a Web Photo Gallery

Step 1: Group any photos you would like to turn into a gallery on iPhoto and then select them. Once you do, on the iPhoto menu bar go to File and then select Export…

IPhoto Grouped Photos

IPhoto Export

Step 2: Use the dialog box that shows up to tweak your gallery before exporting. First, at the top of it, change your gallery’s name and the number of rows and columns that your gallery will have. Then, choose the kind of template that you would prefer to use (Framed is the best option if you ask me) and also select the background and font colors of your soon-to-be gallery.

IPhoto Gallery Settings

IPhoto Gallery Settings 1

IPhoto Gallery Settings 2

Step 3: The bottom section of the dialog box allows you to customize the size of your gallery’s thumbnails and the maximum size of your images. Both of these settings are extremely helpful, especially if your website’s audience still uses old computers to view it.

Additionally, you can also check the check boxes for any other piece of information that you would like displayed on your gallery photos.

IPhoto Gallery Settings 3

Step 4: Once your gallery is ready, click on the Export button, create a new folder to keep your gallery files (helps keep them organized), and click on OK.

IPhoto Gallery Export to New Folder

IPhoto Gallery Ready

Your gallery is now ready for uploading to your website, and you can even preview it on any browser. Even if you don’t have a website and want to utilize this method for sharing the gallery with someone, you could always put this folder in, let’s say, your Dropbox and then create a public link for sharing.

IPhoto Gallery Preview 1

IPhoto Gallery Preview 2

Create Your Own Calendar (and Also Have it Printed and Shipped!)

Step 1: Like when creating your own gallery (shown above), first group and select the photos that you will use for your calendar. Then, at the bottom left of the window, click on Create and then select Calendar.

IPhoto Select calendar

Step 2: Apple will send a printed physical copy of your calendar to any destination of your choice and bill to your Apple account, so you first need to select your billing address region. Then, on the next screen, select from among the available templates the one you prefer for your calendar.

IPhoto Calendar Billing Region

IPhoto Calendar Template

When you are done, click on Create.

Step 3: On the next dialog box, you will be able to adjust a series of your calendar’s settings, including its number of months, if you want it to show your national holidays, your contacts’ birthdays and more.

IPhoto Calendar Settings

Step 4: Once you click the OK button, you will see all the pages of your calendar. Clicking on any of them will allow you to edit its contents, including the selected photo and its size, and you could even add a note to any day.

IPhoto Calendar Gallery

IPhoto Calendar Edit Photo

IPhoto Calendar Edit Date Content

Step 5: Additionally, you can use the bottom right buttons to change the entire layout of your calendar or to select other photos and such.

IPhoto Calendar Edit Layout 1  IPhoto Calendar Edit Layout 2

Once you are done, click on Create Calendar and you will be taken to the checkout page to make your purchase.

There you have them. iPhoto is definitely more than a photo manager and basic photo editor, and with these short tutorials, you can take full advantage of some of its most useful, but not-that-known options. Enjoy!

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