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Doctape ReviewAs we become more connected thanks to smartphones like the iPhone and to personal computers that become more and more mobile, we become increasingly dependent on online storage services to safe-keep our documents and all kinds of data. The problem with this is that sometimes our important stuff can be found across so many different services that it can be a bit tricky to keep track of it all.

Add to that that on iOS, you can only see one app at a time on your screen, which means that if you want to view or work with several files stored across various services, you will have to juggle between apps quite a lot.

Thankfully, this problem is nothing to be afraid of with the arrival of apps like doctape Viewer and doctape – files to go! for iPhone.

Doctape Apps

Both of these are free iOS apps (pro versions are also available, as are iPad and desktop versions) that serve as a “web drawers”, allowing you to open and view files from several common online storage services such as Dropbox, Facebook, Github, Google Drive, SkyDrive and even some surprising ones like Instagram, Flickr, Gmail, Picasa, Box and more.

These two apps complement both each other and Doctape’s web service, so let’s take a better look at them.

Of the two of them, doctape Viewer is definitely the simplest one. Its main purpose is to serve as a file viewer, letting you access your important files from several services mentioned above. You simply tap on the service, introduce your login information (only the first time) and you can start browsing your files.

Doctape Viewer Services  Doctape Viewer Link

Doctape Viewer Browse Files

Any file you find that you wish to browse offline, you can save straight to the doctape Viewer.

Doctape Viewer Saved File

Also, you can save files to doctape Viewer right from other compatible apps within your iPhone. Just open the file, tap the Share button and choose doctape Viewer to open it.

Doctape Viewer Saving File  Doctape Viewer File Saved

Next we have doctape – files to go!. To better understand this app, think of it as a native iPhone client for Doctape’s online service. With this service, you can download an app to your Mac or Windows PC that serves as a hub for any important file you come across.

Doctape Files To Go Main

Doctape Files To Go Desktop

You have to create a free account for this service. Once you do, you can link that account to doctape – files to go! and browse your account’s content on your iPhone quite seamlessly. As an additional feature, you can also upload photos from your iPhone to your account using this app.

Doctape Files To Go Photos

Doctape Files To Go Photo Upload  Doctape Files To Go Photo Uploaded

Also, from doctape – files to go! you are able to organize your files with tags, share links to them, duplicate them and more.

Doctape Files To Go Features

Doctape Files To Go Tags  Doctape Files To Go Tags Done

Before summing up these apps though, I have to say this: It is definitely weird to have both of these as separate apps when including the functionality of both in one single app would have made much more sense. Still, both apps perform great on their own regard and are definitely worth your time if you want a simple way to browse your files on your iOS device.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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