Musyc: Modern, Fun iOS Game to Learn Basics of Music Creation

Musyc ReviewWhile iOS games seem to overflow the App Store, very few of them are music-related. Usually, the most common of these are rhythm games, and while fun, they do little to add something to the musical knowledge of the player. Even worse, the ones that do tend to be, are either boring and unoriginal.

This is exactly the opposite of what Musyc for iPhone brings to the table with a mix of rhythm and music elements that makes it not only fun for everyone, but actually an excellent choice for those taking their first steps into the music realm.

Here’s a better look at Musyc and what makes it special.

The first thing that you will notice upon opening Musyc is its ultra-modern and colorful style dominated by shapes and objects. And these items are what the game is all about: Each of them represents a sound or musical element that you will need to organize and arrange on the screen to create melodies.

Musyc Main Screen1

The game’s main shapes are the circle, the square, the triangle and the rectangle. The first three produce different sounds, while the last one takes care of the rhythm, which gives pacing to the entire melody. When placing an object on the screen, you can drag it around and make it interact with other objects. You can also zoom in and out on the screen, allowing you to tweak the little details of your melodies, as well as to create larger works

Main Shapes

Musyc Rectangle

Additionally, there are more advanced shapes like Lines, where other objects can bounce off of, Strings, Black Holes, Planets, Bumpers and more. All of these interact with the main objects to accomplish more elaborate sounds.

Musyc Lines

On top of that, an on-screen Properties menu is always at hand to tweak any aspect of the elements on the screen, like the size of the objects (which affects the strength of the note they play), their individual sound, their positioning and such.

If playing to create a new melody from scratch proves too challenging, Musyc also provides pre-made sound kits with specific styles to get you started. I found these to be quite useful and varied in range.

Musyc Sound Kits

In similar fashion, the game offers a series of advanced features, like the ability to use a Mixer, a Sequencer, or to add effects to your music. Once you are done creating melodies with Musyc, the game also allows you to export your tunes in different ways, including Dropbox, SoundCloud, AudioCopy and iTunes via WAV and AAC files.

Musyc Volume Adjust

Musyc Sound Effects

Musyc Accelerometer

One of the aspects that makes Musyc such a great music-learning title is that it can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. Want to create an elaborate tune of varying speeds and full of effects? No problem. What about a simple two-note tune to use as a ringtone? Just as simple. The game is balanced enough to blend a series of musical elements and turn them into something fun, and it makes learning the basic aspects of music an extremely rewarding task.

If you are into music or would like to learn the basics of it, make sure to try this one out.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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