How to Block Facebook Game App Invitations and Requests


Lately I started playing a lot of


on Facebook. The credit goes to my friends for luring me in with their unending requests. However, I must tell you that these game app invitations or requests are really annoying and can end up eating a lot of your productive time.

I myself being a victim of the same, started looking for a way to block such requests. Not all, though, there are many apps that I just hate. Luckily, I figured a way out and here I am sharing the trick with you.

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Facebook has a way to block app requests, from specific friends and from an app itself. Note that blocking a request from a friend does not block the friend. So you can be rest assured if that is a concern.

Steps to Block App Requests on Facebook

There are two different ways to do this. One is to block requests from a specific friend and the other is to block an app in totality. Let us see how.

Step 1: First and foremost you must be logged on to your Facebook account.

Step 2: On the Facebook homepage click on the small lock like icon placed on the right side. It will drop a settings menu.

Facebook Settings

Step 3: On this menu, as in the above image, click on the link reading See More Settings. This action will take you to an entirely new page of settings. On the left sidebar, look for Blocking. Click on it to reach the Manage Blocking page.

Facebook Blocking

Step 4: Look for the section Block app invites to block requests from a friend. The intent here is to block all app requests from the selected friend.

Block App Invites

To block requests for an app, look for the section reading Block apps. This is to block requests from all friends for the given app.

Block Apps

Step 5: For either of the sections, start searching a friend or an app respectively. Once you have found it, hit enter or click on it to add to the blocked list.

Search Block App

That is it. End of the nuisance. No more annoying game invitations or requests.


Applications are built in a way that they reach maximum audience. Friends are forced to send you invites and requests in order to progress with their games and statuses. And, in turn they end up spamming your notification list.

However, now you have control. You cannot complain about receiving requests when you have a way to get rid of them. So, just go ahead and make the list count or live with the irritating appeals. Do not forget to share your experiences. Enjoy!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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