YouTube 2.0 for iPhone Enables Multitasking Within the App

You Tube 2 ReviewIn a past entry, we have already looked at video applications that could replace the official YouTube app for iPhone and found that, while capable, it was hard to recommend any third party app over Google’s official offering, since it was their app the one that offered the YouTube experience that better resembled the real thing.

Now we have a the version 2.0 of the official YouTube app, which has been completely redesigned from the ground up to suit the upcoming iOS 7 while at the same time adding a couple of really convenient new features that set it further apart from any other YouTube app alternative.

Let’s dive deeper into the new YouTube app for iPhone and find out everything it has to offer.

The first thing that strikes you once you open the new YouTube app is how different it looks. Video thumbnails are larger and include the uploader’s username, making it easier to find your preferred content.

You Tube Main

Additionally, three vertical dots located to the right of the title now allow you to add a video to your Favorites, to a Playlist or to your queue, all this right from the search results without the need to actually open the video’s page.

You Tube Video Options

Sliding the main screen to the right reveals the app’s settings and video categories to filter out your video searches.

You Tube Settings  You Tube Categories

If you are signed in to your YouTube account though, you will also have access to your search history, uploads and your purchases.

You Tube Purchases1

Another interesting part of the new YouTube app are its new search options, which let you instantly toggle between Videos, Playlists or Channels when you search. On top of that, you can also start playing all videos within a Playlist by using the new “Play All” button.

You Tube Search Options  You Tube Play All

The real showstopper in this new version of the YouTube iPhone app though, is its ability to multitask. This feature allows you to minimize any video you are watching to the bottom right of the screen so you can search and explore within the app while you watch it.

You Tube Vertical

You Tube Horizontal

To minimize a video, just tap at the top left corner of the video window while it plays. While minimized, you can perform other searches and navigate search results, including Playlists and Channels.

You Tube Non Minimized  You Tube Minimized

You Tube Multitask 11  You Tube Multitask 2

In similar fashion, if you are done watching a video while minimized, you can swipe it to the left of the screen to get rid of it.

You Tube Discard

Last but not least, all videos and playlists can be shared to every major social network.

You Tube Share Video

As you can see, the new official YouTube app is a marked improvement over the original one. It’s new design is already nice enough to make it anyone’s YouTube app of choice, but the addition of the new multitasking feature is just great and cements it as the best way to watch YouTube videos on your iPhone.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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