Miro Video Converter Converts Video To iPod, iPhone And Android Format

You might be aware of the Miro video player. Its creators have come up with a new video converter which is capable of converting any video file to MP4 and Ogg Theora formats. It can also convert the video for your favorite mobile devices such as Android phone, iPhone, iPod and PSP(play station portable).

Using video converter is damn simple. Just drag and drop the video file you wish to convert on the converter interface. It’s interface is self explanatory. Check the screenshot given below.


Now select a format in which you want to convert the video. It lists the formats by various devices. One important property of this player is it gives many options to convert videos. It converts video to the exact size of mobile phone screen.

You can choose among Behold2, G1, HTC Hero, Droid, Magic / Mytouch, Nexus one, Cliq/Dext and Eris/Desire, iPhone, iPod Touch, Classic and Nano, and PSP.


Now press the “convert” button. Conversion will start. You can see the conversion status on the interface. It will take a few seconds to convert the video (depends on the size of the video though).  After conversion, “show file” link will appear on the converter. Click on it to visit the converted file.


Here are some popular conversion formats supported by this tool. This list is taken from the official website

  • Convert AVI to MP4
  • Convert H264 to MP4
  • Convert MOV to MP4
  • Convert WMV to MP4
  • Convert XVID to MP4
  • Convert Theora to MP4
  • Convert MKV to MP4
  • Convert FLV to MP4
  • Convert AVI to Ogg Theora
  • Convert H264 to Ogg Theora
  • Convert MOV to Ogg Theora
  • Convert WMV to Ogg Theora
  • Convert XVID to Ogg Theora
  • Convert MP4 to Ogg Theora
  • Convert MKV to Ogg Theora
  • Convert FLV to Ogg Theora


  • Convert any video format to Ogg, MP4, Android, Apple, PSP format.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available for Windows (Windows 7 32-bit) and Mac users.
  • Free to download.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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