Dots and Hearts: iOS Games for Connecting Dots and Playing Cards

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While people don’t buy smartphones exclusively for their games, there is no denying that gaming is a huge aspect of most of them nowadays. The iPhone is of course, the prime example of this, with instant classics like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope having seen the light of day on iOS first.

We have already covered a few nice iPhone games in past entries that might appeal to puzzle lovers or word games aficionados. This time though, we shift the focus a bit and show you two great games about connecting dots and about playing with cards.


While the free Dots for iPhone is touted by its developers as just a “game about connecting”, it is definitely a lot more than that.

The essence of the game is indeed to connect the largest amount of dots of the same color in 60 seconds to make them disappear.

Dots Main
Dots Board1

However, it is not as simple as that. In order to connect two dots, they have to be next to each other. When connected, dots disappear and more random-colored ones fall to the board. Each connected dot earns you a point and the more dots you connect with just one swipe, the more points you will earn.

Dots Connected 11
Dots Connected 21

If you connect the dots so that the connection comes full circle then you will earn ten points. This makes hunting for these types of dot “formations” extremely fun, since with only a swipe (even if it is to connect only four dots) you can earn a lot of points.

The game also offers three add-ons for you to purchase, although all of them can be exchanged for points you earn. The first of these stops the clock for five seconds, the next one removes a dot from the board and the last one removes all dots of one color from it.

Dots Addon 1
Dots Addon 2
Dots Addon 3

Additionally, Dots also lets you compare your score with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

Dots Facebook
Dots Leaderboard

Also, in its latest update Dots enabled a really fun local multiplayer mode, in which you just play a turn and then give your iPhone to your friends so they can play theirs and challenge your score.

Dots Multiplayer 1
Dots Multiplayer 2

Overall, Dots is definitely a unique game that is as fun and simple as it is minimal and gorgeous.


Quite on the opposite side of the spectrum gameplay-wise, Hearts for iPhone ($0.99 on the App Store) is an amazingly designed app to play the classic card game.

Instead of demanding rapid reflexes and fast action as with Dots though, Hearts requires careful thought and a small amount of luck (just as with any other card game).

Hearts Main
Hearts Playing

The game’s rules are quite long to fully explain in this post (you can read about them here) but let’s just say that you play against three other AI-controlled players and to “win” in this game, you have to actually avoid winning by having the fewest points at the end of the round.

Hearts 4 Players

If you are a fan of the Hearts game or have played it before, you will be glad to know that this is by far the most stunning-looking version of the game. There are also a series of options to add to the fun, including leader boards and Game Center integration.

Hearts Settings 2
Hearts Settings 1

On top of that, the app offers a series of additional themes to add more variety to its already impressive looks department. Some of these themes are paid, but most are free to use.

Hearts Themes 3
Hearts Themes 4
Hearts Themes 1
Hearts Themes 2

There you have them. If you are into games that are fun and addictive but at the same time challenging and really stylish, you won’t find a better pair than this one. So try them out, enjoy and let us know what you think.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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