How To Open Accidentally Closed Tab In Google Chrome

Sometimes, while switching through different tabs in the browser, we accidentally click on the cross (X) button which results in the tab getting closed. This is a common problem with Google Chrome users because this browser doesn’t yet included tab overflow feature which is available in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Open accidentally closed tabs in Chrome.

So, if you are a heavy tab user and have got too many tabs open in Chrome then identifying them is a problem, and you could end up spending considerable amount of time to find out which tab you closed accidently when you do. Hence you gotta know how to quickly reopen that tab before you lose track.

There are two methods to open recently closed tabs in Google Chrome.

chrome tabs

Method 1: You could retrieve an accidentally closed tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T or right-clicking on the tab bar and clicking “Reopen closed tab”. A new tab will open and it will load the same page you recently closed accidently. If you press Ctrl+Shift+T again then it will open the second last closed tab. This shortcut also works in Firefox.

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Method 2. You can also look for chrome history which is inbuilt feature of the browser. Press Ctrl+H or type chrome://history/ in the address bar (as shown in screenshot below) and it will display you all the tabs you opened previously.


That’s it. These are two methods by which you can instantly open any closed tabs in Google Chrome. Simple, yet useful.

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