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With the convenience and hassle-free nature of the iPad, iPhone and other mobile smart devices, it is easy to forget that a Mac (while also simple and convenient) requires service and periodic maintenance to function properly for a long period of time.

Considering this, here we delve into some of the best Mac maintenance utilities available at no cost and that can help users tune their Mac’s settings and performance.

Let’s take a look at them.


Maintain’s utility Cocktail at first requires you to introduce your password to authorize it to make changes on your Mac. Once you do that though, the app works seamlessly performing a series of tasks from five main categories.

Disks lets you control your hard drive’s settings and performance. System allows you to run scripts, enable or disable Spotlight indexing, tailor Time Machine settings and more.

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The Files category helps you delete your Mac’s cookies and cache, remove languages from your Mac, manage log files among others. Network takes care of both optimization and file sharing operations with more advanced options such as changing the speed, duplex and MTU of network cards, modify your IP configuration settings and such.

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Then we have Interface, which provides Mac users with extensive customization options for some of the most important elements and apps of your Mac, like the Finder, Mail, the Dock, Safari, QuickTime player and more.

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MacPilot 5

In past entries we have discussed several Terminal commands and how useful they can be when trying to tweak parts of Mac OS X. However, tinkering with the Terminal app is not for everyone, and some users are sometimes daunted by it.

For them, MacPilot 5 brings a simplified interface through which Mac users can harness the power of Terminal scripts and enable hidden features of their favorite OS with just a few clicks.

Mac Pilot1

The app lets you choose the part of Mac OS X that you would like to tweak on the left panel and offers a series of commands and maintenance tools for it on the center panel, all of which can be enabled with just a click.

The app is available as a free trial, which provides enough time to test it and see if it is worth for you.

App Cleaner

Simple and small, App Cleaner for Mac helps you uninstall Mac apps thoroughly and without hassle. As you might know, most Mac apps when installed, distribute several files across the system which are not always easy to track down and are usually not deleted if you just drag the app to the Trash.

This makes App Cleaner’s drag and drop interface even more convenient, since turns deleting apps completely into a one-click process. We’ve already on a detailed how-to on uninstalling apps on a Mac with this tool.

App Cleaner1

There you have them. Use these free utilities to get the most out of your Mac in a simple, unobtrusive way.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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